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9 years 11 months

* this is the 0.06 release
Commit 90481e30f05343daa34fedb1aeb13d99624b3167, by
9 years 11 months

* work with newer versions of cheetah templates
Commit 1a9a75ad47071fe3d11c4f5b6e8d42f983685917, by
10 years 5 days

* fix up after merge
Commit 0170bcf3fa5de8dbf29420fb76091c4b15662c48, by
10 years 5 days merge of '68aaf91770d91197bdc32f67beec6c079b1311e3'

and '8faf276783911e72ec572cf4232453a1e2833858'
Commit 60e25ddad7863bc336d47ada1515e0bbae5b083d, by
10 years 2 months

* various fixes I have been too lazy to commit (bad grahame!)
* fix the file view page, which had mysteriously bit-rotted.
Commit 8faf276783911e72ec572cf4232453a1e2833858, by
10 years 8 months

* port to is coming along
Commit a9405b2998bca3c80eb67c2fcdce4b3de7e42820, by
10 years 8 months

* works with 0.26pre1
Commit 2f3ae9d3ee2ea6b807d1e06e1224487b621e5735, by
10 years 8 months

* rename to
Commit 13b636017e793605e96eab1736cbe721c5554fd3, by
10 years 9 months

* more development of next-gen graph
Commit ee8b8fe4861b46770e3c73873f0fd4dc67112bc0, by
10 years 10 months

* prototype of the new grapher thing
(just some ideas, nothing to really look at yet)
Commit 7c033054388815db82db741e2e11c76e9f1f75b5, by
10 years 10 months

* add new children() method to monotone.Monotone
* set default number of revs to view to 25 in branch.psp
Commit 34848a244d2e9b9dc13f859e856bf9755d3e3060, by
10 years 10 months

* redirect to full URIs, not to relative ones.
Thanks to Dan Fandrich
Commit f7e8b987e7246c005eb39314d188cf88ebf14676, by
10 years 10 months

* set character set on requests properly
* actually pay attention to whether we're doing a HEAD only
and don't send the content if we are
Commit 021e0931b6cfc064b765583ede8212c127af3114, by
10 years 10 months

* fix some & -> & bugs.
Commit e241c7a1d097b72a0ebe422dc4167c394ac27900, by
10 years 10 months

* add reference to Mochikit under Dependencies
Commit 8541850f2ab0eec1ced8244f86a685c8ff8f21ef, by
10 years 10 months

* add a comma between different branches
Commit 7b5df9963d0a4efe9ffb830c553f0c2f2d9acf7b, by
10 years 10 months

* improve title page linking
Commit a6da2bf28ca5b9e964be629513697fcafbfd4582, by
10 years 10 months

* show link to diff in branch.psp
Commit 6535da4229cfe1672bc1221c62df577b60d9860f, by
10 years 10 months merge of 0625127149140059823d3655c000b12f09482b76

and f5635e05a930a4a5e29ff5906f5c7faa767e0540
Commit c84c30b430f8df2a1bab9708d88451e0ad3410ef, by
10 years 10 months * make the "generated by" tag a link. mmm, pagerank ;)
Commit b4d5c1228989f1f69574fba97bbe02b15fbba330, by Matt Johnston
10 years 10 months

* I have the aesthetic sense of a dead donkey, but I think the
branch.psp view now looks a bit clearer. thanks to njs for
reporting the problem (wasn't clear revision info and browse
files were actually links)
Commit d55f81fea58e6570bee0e0a40375cb92d60ee18d, by
10 years 10 months

* add popups for manifests
* fix bug in error handling
* add z-index to popup div, this stops it blurring into others
* add json logic for manifests
Commit 9de2b3eb789c3de4d3c9e263ee71330077e9f551, by
10 years 10 months

* fix basic_io parser bug that was unearthed when we started using it
to display cert information (thanks to kinetik for spotting it)
Commit 6f5ebbf8161481e573405034d96ef93d4f874447, by
10 years 10 months

* add MochiKit to the repo
* update to fix validation bug; we want to include an ALT
on any image links.
Commit 2aea580597ea222a93a8337376c61c2714d6952d, by
10 years 10 months

* first version where the JSON stuff actually does cool stuff
Commit be3687ad807a8fedf9443289f5ab30ce212f23dc, by
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