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blob .mtn-ignore 8 years 2 months Richard Levitte: * .mtn-ignore: Ignore generated files. 240 bytes
blob AUTHORS 8 years 4 months Richard Levitte: Add myself to AUTHORS 421 bytes
blob ChangeLog 8 years 9 months Timothy Brownawell: Use NEWS instead of a detailed ChangeLog 97 bytes
blob 8 years 24 days Richard Levitte: * Make a bit tougher checks for boost, as it's a required 786 bytes
blob COPYING 8 years 10 months * COPYING: actually fill the license text of the GPLv2 into this file 18.09 kB
blob INSTALL 8 years 10 months * INSTALL: add autoconf's generic install instructions until we need something else 9.24 kB
blob 8 years 24 days Richard Levitte: * (usher_CPPFLAGS): Remove -pedantic, as some headers (boost 1.46 kB
blob NEWS 8 years 4 months Richard Levitte: Add a news item about usherctl 1.60 kB
blob README 8 years 4 months Timothy Brownawell: Add a release checklist, and fill in the date that 0.99 was released. 754 bytes
blob release-checklist.txt 8 years 4 months Richard Levitte: Make utils/usherctl and the manpages substitutable. Among others, 596 bytes

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