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This policy has been suggested on the monotone-debian list 2010-12-26


Rule 1: All uploads to unstable shall be revisions from the branch org.debian.monotone, with a tag of the form debian-monotone-${upstream_version}-${upload}.

Rule 2: All changelog entries from the branch org.debian.monotone shall contain the keyword "unstable" as the target. (This implies that "UNRELEASED" is hereby forbidden; tags suffice to distinguish uploaded revisions).

Rule 3: All uploads to testing-proposed-updates or stable-proposed-updates (this includes backports) shall be revisions From the branch org.debian.monotone.${Debian-release} specific to the target release.

Rule 4: The releases "testing", "unstable" and "stable" shall NOT have a branch. Rationale: the "unstable" branch is org.debian.monotone; "testing" and "stable" really mean different things at different times, so the permanent release keywords are preferred, i.e. etch, lenny, squeeze, wheezy, etc.

Rule 5: The creation of any future sub-branch is subject to three conditions:

5.1: prior approval from the other co-maintainers;

5.2: a rationale (i.e. a reason for not merging immediately into org.debian.monotone), documented in an email to this list;

5.3: a policy explaining what is accepted into this branch, documented in an email to this list.

Transition to this policy (date 2010-12-26)

  • All sub-branches except for org.debian.monotone.for-mtn-1.0 are suspended. If you would like to resurrect any of the suspended branches or create new ones, see rule 5.

  • Revision 1bdc98ae702f92234d39cf2238273da5371615ce is approved into branch org.debian.monotone and will upload from there.

  • The branch org.debian.monotone.for-mtn-1.0 has the following rationale and policy:

Rationale: Debian Squeeze being frozen, uploads of monotone 1.0 to unstable are disallowed. Packaging for monotone 1.0 will therefore take place in this sub-branch until Debian Squeeze is released and uploads to unstable are allowed again. In the mean time, uploads to experimental can take place from this branch, at the maintainers' discretion.


  • all changelog entries shall contain the keyword "experimental" instead of "unstable".

  • after Debian Squeeze is released, this branch shall be merged into org.debian.monotone and future changelog entries shall contain the keyword "unstable", per rule 2.

  • the packaging of any version of monotone other than 1.0 is forbidden from this branch.

This policy also applies to org.debian.monotone-viz and org.debian.usher, though no sub-branches of these exist yet.

Created: 12 years 9 months ago
by Richard Levitte


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