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monotone on Debian Mtn Change Log

Age Message
17 days 19 hours Finalize 1.1-9 for upload to unstable.
17 days 19 hours Fix a couple spelling errors reported by lintian.
17 days 23 hours Bump S-V, enable all hardening options.
17 days 23 hours Add patch tags for 53-disable-log-dir-test.diff.
18 days 2 hours Add patch 53-disable-log-dir-test.diff to disable log_dir tests.
1 month 24 days Finalize 1.1-8 for upload to unstable.
1 month 24 days * Add patch 52-negative_number_fix.diff fixing an issue uncovered

with defaults of new sqlite versions.
8 months 13 days Change patch 51-sigpipe-test.diff a bit and finalize 1.1-7.
10 months 11 days Finalize 1.1-6 for upload to unstable.
10 months 11 days Add yet another patch (SIGPIPE failure on ppc) and bump S-V.
10 months 11 days Mention bash completion change in the changelog.
10 months 11 days Correct installation location of bash completion data.
10 months 11 days Prevent rebuilding NLS (pot and gmo files) for more reproducible builds.

* Patch to not rebuild NLS (i.e. pot and po files) so as
to generate more reproducible builds. Drop a patch that helped NLS
rebuilds (11-no-gettext-on-lua.diff), which obviously isn't
necessary if not rebuilding.
* Run just the clean target, not distclean, as the latter removes the
generated and distributed gmo files.
10 months 13 days Make the build reproducible, bundle 1.1-5.

Patch build system to allow the build date to be set externally,
and set it to the latest debian/changelog entry for reproducibility.
10 months 27 days Commit 1.1-4.1 as uploaded.
11 months 3 days Add patch 12-fix-std-cerr.diff, fixing #796734.
2 years 1 month Finalize 1.1-4:

* Allow compilation against lua version 5.2, if available.
* Add build dependency on cm-super-minimal to have the necessary fonts
available to generate the documentation PDF.
2 years 1 month Reintroduce the overrid_dh_installdocs rule that I thought was

unneeded. Add a comment about why we need it. Finalize 1.1-3.
2 years 2 months Add patch 00-copyright-clarification.diff to clarify license.
2 years 2 months Re-enable DISABLE_NETWORK_TESTS, finalize 1.1-2.
2 years 2 months Finalize 1.1-1 for upload to unstable.

* rules: Give the network tests a try on buildd, I see chances for
those to success, now. Move the documentation from monotone to
monotone-doc in /usr/share/doc, so as to break the dependency
between the two.
* monotone-doc.doc-base: adapt to adjusted directories
* changelog: Mark for upload to unstable, downgrade ugrency to low.
2 years 2 months Add forgotten files. These made it to the debian archive, but were not

under version control, it seems. Sorry.

* source/options, patches/11-no-gettext-on-lua.diff: add
2 years 2 months Adapt to release 1.1, drop lots of patches.
2 years 5 months * control: Add texlive-fonts-recommended to Build-Depends-Indep to

fix FTBFS.
* changelog: add 1.0-12
2 years 11 months * Meh.. bump to 1.0-11

* Really invoke autoreconf prior to configure, now.
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