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1The Debian packaging for monotone is stored in the "org.debian.monotone"
2branch of the upstream version control system. This branch is meant
3to be checked out into the "debian" subdirectory within an upstream
4tarball release. Revisions on this branch that correspond to numbered
5revisions in debian/changelog are tagged with the pattern
6"debian-monotone-X.Y-N" where X.Y is the upstream version and -N is
7the Debian version.
9Thus, this sequence of commands will replicate any Debian version
10starting with 0.43-1:
12$ wget -O monotone_X.Y.orig.tar.gz \
14$ tar zxf monotone_X.Y.orig.tar.gz
15$ cd monotone-X.Y
16$ mtn clone -r t:debian-monotone-X.Y-N \
17 org.debian.monotone debian
18$ dpkg-buildpackage -i
20However, if it is more convenient, feel free to start with the latest
21.diff.gz in the archive and modify as necessary.
23We have limited time for Debian work; in particular, we are often slow
24about responding to bug reports, and we generally cannot make an
25upload with less than a week's latency. Thus, NMUs are welcome, as
26long as we are notified of your intentions and modifications. If you
27need help with debugging or patching, you may get a quicker response
28from the upstream developers' mailing list <>
29than from the maintainer address, and we will see messages sent there.
31When it is necessary to modify upstream sources, we use quilt. See
32/usr/share/doc/quilt/README.source for instructions for adding or
33modifying patches. Patches backported from future upstream releases
34should have a sequence number in the 00-09 range, and patches that are
35not intended to be sent upstream should have a sequence number in the
3690-99 range.
38Contra the po-debconf documentation, we do *not* run debconf-updatepo
39in debian/rules clean, because we do not want dpkg-buildpackage modifying
40the debian directory from what is in version control. Make sure to run
41debconf-updatepo manually if you change monotone-server.templates or
42incorporate new translations.

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