Issue 92: Qt assertion when file / revision diff dialog is opened

Reported by Thomas Keller, Oct 7, 2010

If guitone is compiled with VS2008 in debug mode, guitone crashes 
with the following assertion (Qt 4.6):

 ASSERT: “visual != -1” in file itemviews\qheaderview.cpp, line 1171

This assertion is optimized out in release builds, but its still a 
good idea to fix it when we know what exactly goes wrong. The code 
where it breaks is similar to this:


The first argument describes the logical index of the header view to 
address with the second setting, the interactive size expansion. Out 
of my head I’d say this is some race condition that comes up when 
the view does not yet have a model assigned and thus does not know 
how many columns it should actually display.

Weird that this hasn’t yet popped up on any other platform.

(guitone 1.0rc2)

Created: 12 years 5 months ago by Thomas Keller

Status: New


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