Issue 121: automate log should output parents

Reported by Thomas Keller, Dec 28, 2010

The implementation of automate log currently lists the plain 
revision ids according to the options given. For an UI which makes 
use of this command for graphing and navigational purposes it would 
be most useful to also include the parents of each logged revision 
(0..2), similar to what automate graph outputs (each parent 
separated by a space from the revision or any previous parent). This 
would also avoid further lookups via automate parents by the client.

Targeting for 1.1, because it would break automate b/c in 0.99.

Comment 1 by Stephen Leake, Dec 29, 2010

I'd prefer the additional info be requested by an option. That would 
also preserver backward compatibility.

Comment 2 by Richard Levitte, Dec 29, 2010

I'm moving it to target 2.0 for now, since the roadmap clearly says 

* For major releases: All of the above, plus we are allowed to break 
netsync, make backwards-incompatible changes in the automate 
interface, remove previously deprecated features, and / or do 
general system redesigns.
Labels: Milestone:2.0 Milestone:1.1

Created: 12 years 11 months ago by Thomas Keller

Updated: 12 years 11 months ago

Status: New

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Type:Feature Request

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