Issue 159: Documentation HTML pages aren't searching friendly on Firefox

Reported by Daniel Atallah, Mar 29, 2011

On at least Firefox 4.0, there's a bad interaction between the 
headers and footers and the "Find..." (Ctrl+F) 

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Go to
2. Hit Ctrl+F (or whatever keystroke triggers the 
"Find..." functionality on your OS)
3. Type "stdio" and hit enter.

Expected result:

The screen will be scrolled to the point where you can see a line 
that contains the "stdio" text.

Actual results:

The screen is scrolled to the point where the "stdio" text 
would be visible if it wasn't obscured by the "Quick 
Links:" footer.

A similar effect exists when searching backwards where the header 
blocks the matched line.

This affect doesn't happen on IE or Chrome (partially because they 
both will scroll so that the search result is in the middle of the 
page, and in the case of IE8, the headers and footers don't scroll 
with the page).

Incidentally, IMO the scrolling header and footer waste quite a bit 
of potentially useful vertical space.

Created: 8 years 4 months ago by Daniel Atallah

Status: New


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