Issue 193: Log and status of unknown file matching ignore list does not generate error

Reported by joe 23, Oct 14, 2011

No error is generated if the file matches a pattern in the ignore 
list. The output makes it look like the file is in the db but has no 
log history. This is very confusing and difficult to diagnose.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. > foo.bak
2. mtn status foo.bak
3. mtn log foo.bak

(actually, step 1 is not required, it does the same thing even if no 
file is present)

Expected result:
mtn: warning: restriction includes unknown path 'foo.bak'
mtn: misuse: 1 unknown path

Actual results:
(xxx shown for actual values)

Revision: xxx
Parent:   xxx
Author:   xxx
Date:     xxx
Branch:   xxx

Changes against parent xxx

no changes


o   (Revision: xxx)

Output of `mtn version --full`:

Comment 1 by Stephen Leake, Jun 23, 2012

See new test status_of_ignored; it shows the expected behavior. 'mtn 
annotate' shows the relevant fix was added to 
validate_paths in Feb 2008, for mtn 0.39.
Status: Fixed

Created: 7 years 7 months ago by joe 23

Updated: 6 years 10 months ago

Status: Fixed

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