Issue 27: Cross compilation of monotone requires several fixes to the build scripts/make

Reported by Unknown User, Aug 14, 2005

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txt2c needs to be build with the build system compiler, not the 
target compiler, the attached patch txt2c-cross.patch fixes the 
problem in the OpenEmbedded build environment but probably won't 
work anywhere else (it might do if BUILD_CXX is defaulted to CXX).

The boost version checking simply doesn't work - AC_TRY_RUN fails in 
a cross compiler environment, however AC_TRY_COMPILE works fine in 
this context.  The attached file should work 
anywhere (cross or native).

monotone version:
0.22 (from source tarball)

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Aug 14, 2005

added attachment txt2c-cross.patch

Comment 2 by Unknown User, Aug 14, 2005

added attachment

Comment 3 by Unknown User, Aug 15, 2005

I've applied the patch; as you say, the txt2c patch 
breaks compilation on everything _except_ OpenEmbedded, which isn't 
so good :-).  Happy to apply a patch that didn't have this problem, 

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