Issue 4: handle attic files properly on CVS import

Reported by Unknown User, Oct 8, 2003

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Attic files need to have special treatment for their lifecycle in 

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Apr 14, 2004

Note that with a modern cvs, an Attic file has no
special meaning.  Or, rather, it does mean that the
tip of the trunk is dead -- but that information is
also encoded in the state field, which must be handled
properly anyhow.

Occasionally you may run across a repository which
has both "foo,v" and "Attic/foo,v".  For 
in classpath there is javax/swing/plaf/,v
which is duplicated in Attic/.

In the classpath case this seems to be a bogus repository.
In this case the information in the files in Attic
could meaningfully be merged into the information from
the "real" ,v file -- or it could be ignored as well.

I've heard on irc that netbsd does this as well, using
a hacked cvs.  I don't know what the semantics of this

I suggest that if monotone sees both such files it just
give an error for the time being.

Comment 2 by Thomas Keller, Oct 10, 2010

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Summary: handle attic files properly on CVS import

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