Issue 50: doc: clarification needed - action of manual merge on abort

Reported by Unknown User, Jul 20, 2006

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quote: If the tool terminates without writing the merged file, 
monotone aborts the merging, reverting any changes made.

It is not clear from this description, what exactly happens to the 
local file.  My understanding of "revert" is that it 
tosses local changes and replaces the file from a version.

I saw a comment in email about a potential data loss; this needs to 
be clearly documented as to what exactly happens on abort and how to 
recover from it.

monotone version:

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Jul 20, 2006

quote: By redefining the aforementioned hooks the user can not only 
choose a preferred merge tool, but even select different programs 
for different file types.

I've read the "hook" docs.   it wasn't clear to me how you 
would configure it to "select different programs for different 
file types."   an example would be nice.

Comment 2 by Thomas Keller, Jul 21, 2006

monotone does its merge in database, rather than in workspace (there 
are efforts to implement a merge-in-workspace, however), so if the 
merge is aborted at any time monotone exactly does what the docs 
state, it reverts all changes made by the merge so far. This can be 
unwanted if you already merged 30 files and on the 31st file your 
merge tool crashes, thats one reason for merge-in-workspace amongst 

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