Issue 69: 3 way merge by kdiff3

Reported by Unknown User, Nov 13, 2007

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opgabor@petrence:/c/temp/vpp$ mtn merge
mtn: 2 heads on branch ''
mtn: [left]  b6e90d8306a670f8035a1728f2c1830088822f32
mtn: [right] baa3c6ca3f3f3a15f04122a61629648b435d30b5
mtn: help required for 3-way merge
mtn: [ancestor] tests/
mtn: [    left] tests/
mtn: [   right] tests/
mtn: [  merged] tests/
executing external 3-way merge command

and the emerged Kdiff3 contains 3 panes side by side in this order:
left  : ancestor (43bba36ee65d343fbaf2adabfdfde90ea1984e16),
middle: b6e90d8306a670f8035a1728f2c1830088822f32,
right : baa3c6ca3f3f3a15f04122a61629648b435d30b5.
I could determine the revisions by contents of each pane.

I thought the middle pane contains the ancestor. Is it right? How 
can I find out which revision belongs to each panes easily? 

monotone version:
monotone 0.30 (base revision: unknown)
under win32

Comment 1 by Unknown User, Nov 13, 2007

added attachment mtn.JPG

Comment 2 by Unknown User, Nov 14, 2007

The left pane ("A") contains the ancestor. My kdiff3 
displays "(Base)" next to the filename for file 
"A" in order to remind me on that.

There's currently no indication to which revisions file versions 
"B" and "C" belong. We might want to improve 
that. However, it is not clear what the most important information 
to display would be: revision_id? date? author? , because the 
available space is limited.

If you want to see how kdiff3 is called, have a look at the 
mergers.kdiff3 function in  [
_hooks.lua std_hooks.lua]. Using custom lua code in your monotonerc, 
you can override the standard behavior.

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Type:Incorrect Behavior
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