monotone Mtn Change Log

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8 years 2 months start implementing tmpdir option

* src/ (revert): add tmpdir_map to write_data
* src/ (write_data):

* src/options_list.hh: define tmpdir option

* src/paths.hh: define file_path_map

* src/work.hh (workspace):
* src/ (workspace): store tmpdir_map in workspace
(read_options_file): read tmdir_map from _MTN/options
(write_options_file): add fixme to write it as well
(apply_delta): use it in apply_delta

* test/func/alt_tmpdir/__driver__.lua: improve test
Commit ca5fd78664d5951f916715dda310fee79c509be9, by
8 years 2 months * test/func/alt_tmpdir/__driver__.lua: improve; now shows error on unrecognized option

* test/func/alt_tmpdir/options_line.text: New file.
Commit 7cbdcccee91d72361dedcd7d99beb01697e2553a, by
8 years 2 months * test/func/alt_tmpdir: New test, for alternate tmpdir feature (just getting started)
Commit 9fd348f21261032d6e270b62c2e62b03f206d488, by
8 years 3 months merge of '161767762762ac96c5fe8c8f88f7588a68540d87'

and 'bb5b0702260383c4086ab2088bfa79883f53f6ce'
Commit 65bcb8cf8b32f68a5b48629b328f6d65979e58df, by Richard Levitte



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