monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
8 years 9 months * monotone.texi: improve description of basic_io format
Commit 039e8c311e1a337eabc4a335b4bd881a7fa0cc8a, by
8 years 9 months Fix typo.
Commit a86064de5c1371099d0ea40eee8ad0fdbe6a3ebc, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months * monotone.texi (Automation basic_io): fix a typo, simplify discussion of stanza order.
Commit 69235642091d75d4da9ef1b44bc2f1b4de1870f9, by
8 years 9 months Add a subsection at the beginning of the automation section of the

documentation, describing the basic_io format.
Commit 2324947e4e39b440fa41946841c1ea5e933b6417, by Timothy Brownawell



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