monotone Mtn Change Log

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12 years 3 months * Switch to a new method of getting information from monotone. The new

method is a little slower, but much more robust. It uses the automate
interface to get information about which revisions are in the graph and
the ancestry data. It then gets the log information on each revision
separately and parses it for information about that node. If there is
a parse error on a node, it only affects that node, not others.
Commit 28e058353e3bbd2de8c56a594f67a6bb78bef0a8, by
12 years 3 months * monotree/readme.txt: add details about updating Batik.
Commit 166e9616100ec4a3c4c4f9757e7362773b6831c6, by
12 years 3 months * Start to update for 0.33. Start to move to automate interface so it

doesn't have to be updated in future.
Commit c3cd7f6b5a769ecee550c088ed778a13f4375a3f, by
12 years 3 months * Modify Makefile so it works on more than just windows
Commit e7d841861f6f6804abc7ed5f730f11a9130db544, by
12 years 3 months merge of '98c0aa5f67154bfb27fe2901b47f4ed137cacda5'

and 'b48e1ad5f7d4da39d6b92d1fec4af9283375273e'
Commit f9da8bf0df404806f17b35102b83368d89cc2653, by
12 years 9 months Quick & dirty update to be compatible with monotone 0.30.
14 years 1 month Changed makefile to autodetect classpath separator
Commit f1afc520474f83c58262896ede027ef77226046e, by
14 years 1 month Changed overload of exec() to be more linux friendly
Commit 6b5a12624a5a82265a6d0f82c1e74f47c589ca66, by
14 years 1 month Fixed some issues with header ordering, added DTD to jar for operation behind a firewall
Commit 35cff8e8ba14155f5f7ddf7965073f514fd60f61, by
14 years 3 months Cleanup of information display on node click
Commit 5d288b39b49613b0d9dca8ece6b9a42c3773f35b, by
14 years 3 months Now defaults the file chooser to the directory containing the current database
Commit 32777a1fe21dc5f93d0900f7c5bc3f175d495c5d, by
14 years 3 months Revamped the GXL -> dot conversion and cracked the interactivity
Commit 9f5e3907af6712f26f3b3a42fdd82742a78664a4, by
14 years 3 months Miscellaneous cleanup of GUI actions
Commit 8a121346ce2920b6f85df68b3b620de96bd14a8d, by



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