monotone Mtn Change Log

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12 years 2 months Fix copy-paste error
Commit 7c4c10fc83268a265da37026a13c08a3bdeff7b1, by
12 years 2 months Add extended checking to update. When the --extended-checking option is

used, mtn_cvs pull will now use an extra log call to check that it knows
about all live files in CVS head. This does NOT check that deleted files
have been found.
Commit cecd520be8e1ac32db9bb34155df3fedc092430b, by
12 years 2 months Update warning messages when re-syncing repository.
Commit ebaeaf92d248a053052b67462c1dcf7265df8c31, by
12 years 2 months Add code to get a list of files in CVS without affecting the main data

Commit 5ac44a8e241e648bacfda520f6bc01f3fffa1e8a, by
12 years 2 months Make the CVS client code remove tailing / chars from the repository path.
Commit da0fe27b8a5698b4105cf2b5e25d09013ec940eb, by
12 years 2 months Add a pair of tests:

pull_rm_all - is an expected fail if you remove all files from a repository.
pull_rm_add - checks that if you remove a file and then add it back then
the log messages from the commits before the rm are not
Commit d3ecae68d9c7877dfd022b33312b718d4b0e9292, by
12 years 2 months Move to deltas in the fixup code.
Commit bd2ea35756fad03a26c58f34475c24c608dce51e, by
12 years 2 months Improve error recovery as well as error checking.
Commit 809a89fbc6fe64ed96f07e87d2f5f714712ff37e, by
12 years 2 months Add more useful error messages.
Commit 3a8e69c58629324893179b9e53919bc0fac6b385, by
12 years 2 months Adjust directory adding to help it in some situations.
Commit 8956b53933a3030f08222ca5a268234e66d7c2eb, by
12 years 2 months Update patch file for current mainline.
Commit b60295e2774b863180aa962db06df09bb64bed5f, by
12 years 3 months * Update mtn_cvs for new mainline.
Commit 0a9c9ad7fbd2954b999d7df0403afca14728c8e6, by
12 years 3 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 207974b762a63734a8d5acc2bf3e929ea458306a)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.cvssync.attrs' (head 5d58e03f43ecfd906be048598392dc2d0e3a4529)
Commit 48420dd6ff86c7b21a7333b2a9dac706d8560654, by
12 years 3 months * mtn_cvs/tests/pull_rm_dir: Add a new test for what happens when an empty

CVS directory is pulled. At the moment this xfails because mtn always
pulls the dir.
Commit 5d58e03f43ecfd906be048598392dc2d0e3a4529, by
12 years 3 months * Remove the "takeover" command and associated tests. Does not

fully remove all support code (yet).
Commit f960e1f5ce084e43f6acb640189a7254ada056be, by
12 years 3 months * An inefficient fix to the bug tickled in push_multiple.

* A simplification of the push_multiple test case.
Commit 94510a8b4d2357b2b0989e3d96f0547f0ee7b13f, by
12 years 3 months * First pass at a test case on a recent failure I came across.
Commit f5550c2300e2a32f14246ce07480a7be12c1a674, by
12 years 3 months * mtn_cvs/cvs_sync.*: Update the way mtn commit info is stored in CVS.

Shouldn't get revision ids any more - just use i:first 8 chars of id.
Commit dc2a3ba35eecbb7a4890e02f760a4e921fa8f371, by
12 years 3 months * mtn_cvs/tests/push_loop_check_log: Make sure we check a particular

corner case.
Commit 5b8a4af1048747963ea29d3de4d875cf855c0ab7, by
12 years 3 months * cvs_sync.* (gather_merge_information): Update this function so it works.

Could be simplified using erase_ancestors, but I'm not sure how to do
that efficiently. Currently uses a topographic search for ancestors
that are not the ancestor of a synced revision.
* tests/push_loop_check_log: Add a test case to check that commit log
information gets included once and only once when pushing to CVS.
Commit 6ed9a408079f6d20213b0a283a4707470b9d7a76, by
12 years 3 months * mtn_cvs/tests/pull_full/*: Add a new test to test the --full option to pull
Commit 574fe3369a33b5d19100871c61a9368b7fc6d5c9, by
12 years 3 months * mtn_cvs/ Fix up exception handling. Shouldn't freeze on

invariant failure any more. Should actually stop on more invariant
failures too.
Commit 23cd931f14ef45e4946a7e65b6c0f01e27256c0b, by
12 years 4 months * Add a test for the case where two files are renamed so their names

swap, and then the result is pushed to CVS. Currently xfails.
Commit 91e09172a812a793bff54032c6c7b2202cadac66, by
12 years 4 months * mtn_cvs/tests/*: cleanup test name and fix os specific construct in test
Commit 07aafdecc8e9935998f914b633b93e2fe0ad42c4, by
12 years 4 months *,, options_list.hh: Enable the --full and

--extended_checking options to pull
Commit 34688235d0583e1adbefe566a7600bbfc4c8ddfc, by



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