monotone Mtn Change Log

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11 years 10 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head d83907887a2a35229ef361a74e98bd296d84e60c)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.daemon-support' (head fc2fc8ecc09fefe076bb973fe082071b681098a2)
Commit 0a49160157c188220c0a924975cf18aaa8f7f890, by
11 years 10 months * Added autoconf test for setsid.

* Rearranged the conditional preprocessor logic based on HAVE_DAEMON in
Commit fc2fc8ecc09fefe076bb973fe082071b681098a2, by
11 years 10 months * Imported Ralf Engleschall's daemon(3) workalike to unix/

* Created mtn_daemon for unix and win32 branches that wraps daemon(3) if it
exists or calls Ralf's code on unix or simply returns success (windows
without daemon available).
* Integrated this function into the serve command instead of directly calling
* now tests for availability of daemon(3).
* Updated to support the {unix,win32}/daemon.{cc,hh} files.
* platform.hh now includes the proper daemon.hh header based on platform.
* Updated monotone.texi to indicate that --daemon may have no effect on windows.
* Skip the persistent netsync server - daemon test on windows (this could be
revisited later, as it will work on some platforms [I think, anyway]).
Commit 2f1ca8f3717f1a4cc4ab7078858b008a2e0f6041, by
11 years 10 months modified the test for --daemon && --pid-file so that it pid-file could be specified without daemon
Commit a9138ed432f11b639d39d40ddff93adb523bca69, by
11 years 10 months added a test for the --daemon code
Commit 86cba5e849010ffc71886ee49e44d992a3ae1dd0, by
11 years 10 months cleaning up the --daemon support; modified the way pid file is usedto do this
Commit 003d0e295a502a2c9bd513ae0d12ccc06a371e54, by
11 years 10 months added a --daemon option and enabled it withing mtn serve
Commit e1968ba17f81cdb7b411632d75c76e90d766f85b, by



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