monotone Mtn Change Log

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9 years 6 months DUMB REPOSITORY FORMAT HAS BEEN CHANGED! (certs and keys have new hashes)

* adapt to new key storage and idenfication schema
(by hash not name) as in monotone-0.45 and later
Commit 48b1e50b2ac2524aff7029e516d9e0db25c5c91b, by
10 years 1 month monotone-0.44 comatiblity, we don't have public_hash of key anymore
Commit df3fe14ed77013d720cf7fdb55ebab13ceb56c3c, by
10 years 7 months PushCallback: don't show every tick count, show only one in 50 ticks and at finisH
Commit d64024e3b03ed4258615fd09a07fa8e63231b0d4, by
10 years 9 months monotone.Feeder.close(): fix close method so sync/pull work on linux
Commit fb53b9693096741d611e59b218d9e4786693c7cf, by
11 years 5 months merge of '030a30e4b13e4cc6108ce5688a426cfd427b77a8'

and 'c830ab9ccdc9d503ac35639fab0f3558ef520f17'
Commit d1f945dc352e2b01b57ada03226126c917248b64, by
11 years 5 months merge of '5f369e7ab286e278ed12d6b7852efa51bb9fcbcc'

and 'c3b613b19eb04a6d642a2ff593fcb3461fc09128'
Commit c830ab9ccdc9d503ac35639fab0f3558ef520f17, by
11 years 6 months * bug#4: described: exception on linux after successfull pull
Commit c3b613b19eb04a6d642a2ff593fcb3461fc09128, by
11 years 6 months * -b/--workspace-branch (option): new option for push with branch read from workspace
Commit f11ef97b453abce2fb4e97b69aafccce1b458875, by
11 years 7 months * force feeder closed before push starts, tweak messages, ensure all callbacks are closed
Commit 23f451dbb02ff63f51515df0a9671f8123ce8d83, by
11 years 7 months * bug#3: race condition probably in sync
Commit 2a0067811d3074c9d3c874828434e0052fa7f07d, by
11 years 7 months *

- Monotone.get_xxx_packet: now checks(*) validity of returned packet
- check_packet(), validate_packet() - sanity checks on packet data
- Feeder.write now accepts uncompressed data - it should be unaware of dumb protocol details
- FeederCallback.callback(): is now responsible for decompresing wire data (zlib.decompress);
- FeederCallback.callback(): validate packets givin
- do_sync/push/pull: ensure callbacks and feeders are closed (try/finally)
Commit 2f3ebb8e8ea78321fa66201f4c759728a0dcd271, by
11 years 7 months describing Monotone Dumb Storage (wishlist)
Commit 0bb8c451b3afe3430691949904e01f6b87c22d86, by
11 years 7 months relayout columns
Commit 6b6fd10ea3a4821ce45f579987b9aeb366ff06e7, by
11 years 7 months * added iniital webpage
Commit 246a265f822c15e578d8bd2ce1c1ca7b672256c7, by
11 years 9 months merge of 'a7e06881a7e4cb9314d0462ee83ce0ff90381a7f'

and 'e28f48a6c8b2a511e10576ff65d67b8b3b315bc4'
Commit 829de746ff0c7ccf79b24b72f585c86bc18e9942, by
11 years 9 months added convienience Makefile with dist&install targets
Commit e28f48a6c8b2a511e10576ff65d67b8b3b315bc4, by
11 years 9 months * show useful message on lock error

* exits with status=2 on lock error
Commit 63df8ddc094f2eb0ba93c2565aa76aaf93cd8c14, by
11 years 11 months * handling in ganeral): improved error handling

- exit with error on monotone error
- show warning on fail to store configuration
Commit 5a10a19505d0b3c87d5a6b3c14078fe84e23ebd0, by
11 years 11 months * read error messages from mtn stderr when automate fails

* show MonotoneErrors in user-friendly way
Commit e96dea9e38b1629bcac1dbc41a293eb805c94665, by
11 years 11 months doc+name refactor of functors
Commit 40615019f36d3df6ee6f9e82e272f0ed91a7fce8, by
11 years 11 months * monotone: added graph() method == 'automate graph'
Commit fd9cdd1d62e37d98776c2c6b1396f94ef3c36959, by
12 years 22 days * added clone method
Commit aa179e665e2a419a3131f94e24f1eaec99981e88, by
12 years 2 months * (automate): fix bug: automation readed wrongly treated 0 length stdio chunks raising error: automate stdio parsing failed (3)
Commit 95bbbd5322bb69db75b86ad2a7e8a6d47901bbf7, by
12 years 3 months merge of '1b1cefe1c283cb158dfb4acb76a9d819d5b63097'

and '52c668f0f0f91b681923e66a317a726273fa09cf'
Commit 1e09c9fd0b1b43e1623489b0e8f769a27cbef581, by
12 years 3 months * die (raise Error) when monotone dies unexpectedly (fix bug #2)
Commit 52c668f0f0f91b681923e66a317a726273fa09cf, by



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