monotone Mtn Change Log

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12 years 10 months 2006-09-16 Matt Johnston <>

* sha1/x86-botan/*: import Botan 1.5.10's x86 asm sha1 implementation
*, m4/asm.m4: make the sha1 bits more correct
* sha1/ let it compile
The .S files get compiled to the wrong place due to strange automake
Commit e60b9f30d088cbc375bbcade80e04bdddd25ebe9, by Matt Johnston
12 years 10 months 2006-09-14 Matt Johnston <>

* (benchmark_sha1): don't require workspace.
Commit 9357a57a9c24d2319697980d1addaaa51d8e58e1, by Matt Johnston
12 years 10 months 2006-09-14 Nathaniel Smith <>

* m4/asm.m4, Determine if we have asm support, and
what sort.
* sha1/*: Import arm and ppc SHA-1 cores from git, and add Botan
glue for them.
* Compile them in, if configure determined they are
* AUTHORS: Record copyright of git SHA-1 cores.
Commit e32914afd07699a3cb28ba5a7c29e7f6abb3234a, by



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