monotone Mtn Change Log

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10 years 9 months new experimental include/exclude commands for manipulating persistent workspace


* CMD(include,exclude): new commands for manipulating the
persistent include/exclude lists
CMD(status): display current include/exclude lists when they're non-empty
* restsrictions.{cc,hh}: remove redundant std:: prefixes throughout
(add_persistent_restriction): new function to add persistent include/exclude
lists to included_paths and excluded_paths
(node_restriction, path_restriction): add persistent included/exclude paths
in workspace constructors
* work.{cc,hh}: new unversioned workspace files "includes" and "excludes"
(get_includes_path,get_excludes_path): new functions for getting the paths to
the includes and excludes files
(read_persistent_restriction,write_persistent_restriction): new private
functions for reading and writing the includes and excludes files
(get_persistent_includes, get_persistent_excludes, put_persistent_includes,
put_persistent_excludes): new public functions providing access to the
includes and excludes lists



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