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12 years 11 months applied changes from d1e563447ab7d92bb965eb330988c637f3c22d14

through 27c06ef5b20ade167011e489bc2e5333eed00faf

* Allow for size of the vcache to be set by a lua hook so that people
can choose their tradeoff between memory and cpu usage. call db.set_vcache_max_size() after we load the rc files.
Can't call it when we init the db thing because rc files haven't been
loaded yet.

constants.{cc,hh}: make db_version_cache_sz not const

database.{cc,hh}: function to set the max vcache size

lru_cache.h: allow us to set the max vcache size

lua_hooks.{cc,hh}: function to get the lua max vcache size. Perhaps
this should take some argument to say what operation we are doing.

monotone.texi: document new lua hook.

Performance measurements in log -r 27c06ef5b20ade167011e489bc2e5333eed00faf
Commit fc33e68c442daa2c980c7c4ebc9a9acc14cc7a7c, by



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