monotone Mtn Change Log

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11 years 6 months Start editing, netxx_pipe.hh to use Win32 named pipes, Unix pipes. Giving up for now.
Commit edeb6166799d9cb49ad2b44462bf25a32daa239c, by
11 years 6 months In netsync, terminate on protocol done, not on server disconnect, since

can't detect that for StdioStream.

* (session::process): Add documentation comment.
(call_server): Terminate on session complete, in case we can't detect
the server dropping the connection.
(reap_dead_sessions): Fix comment; it does _not_ check for clients
that have exchanged all items.
(serve_single_connection): Register both file descriptors from
StdioStream, fix termination to match.

* :
(StdioStream::get_readfd): New.
(StdioStream::get_writefd): New.
(SpawnedStream::close): Wait for child to exit before closing sockets.
(UNIT_TEST): Can't do 'cat' test anymore; it does not exit on its own.
(UNIT_TEST): Improve stdio_spawn test.
Commit fb4b8ba4506d9ec9d57ed9c2f55bf7c090e09b35, by



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