monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
2 years 10 months Simply move the mtn:features attribute when pivoting root.

* src/ add appropriate attribute clear and set steps.
* test/func/feature_pivot_root/__driver__.lua: add a test to cover this
2 years 10 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 8a92922ec08f90c1bc35a8faa89c1094cdf24d90)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.feature-flags' (head c264f0f099f8a7e982887f36a82cb55522f27dc8)
3 years 3 months Introduce a new attr to selectively enabled future monotone features.

* src/roster.{cc,hh}: add a new special attribute mtn:features, to be
used on the root node, exclusively.
* src/ check for and validate the new special
attribute in set_attr.
* test/func/feature_attr_add/__driver__.lua: test attribute addition



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