monotone Mtn Change Log

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7 years 5 months Use '<= items.size()' for error condition in 'selector::create'

When executing monotone with the reported selector, this was the error
guard causing monotone to fail. The values were lparen_pos = 2,
items.size() = 2.

I think the original use of '< items.size()' may have been a typo, as
a few lines earlier '<= items.size()' is used for finding the position
of the nearest previous '('.

The corresponding 'if' will now evaluate to false, as lparen_pos ==
items.size(), and line 796 will be executed. The error check there for
lparen_pos == 2 also ties in with the crash report of lparen_pos being 2.

The recently added 'selectors_with_parentheses' test now succeeds, along
with other selector related tests.
Commit 85d3b32d3a36d1cdb0f8e07e82bf6c8ce6228a0d, by Richard Hopkins
7 years 5 months Check results in 'selectors_with_parentheses' test

Just to be sure; this way we know it parses without error and we're not
missing out any tokens by accident.

Also add in an equivalent "safe" selector as a base line.
Commit d2ee901188fa37aff7ca9fe5351033ff4904759f, by Richard Hopkins
7 years 5 months Create tests for issue 176 - parentheses incorrectly reported as mismatched

in selectors
Commit f0e8fc25accd506b9c4bcfce29b384a4801ebdc8, by Richard Hopkins



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