monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
12 years 7 months 2006-12-10 Richard Levitte <>

* (redirect_output_to, redirect_errors_to): Changed the
implementation to use cstdio's freopen(), so the redirection
is also recognised by C libraries we call, such as Lua.
12 years 7 months 2006-12-09 Richard Levitte <>

*, ui.hh (redirect_output_to, redirect_errors_to): New
functions to redirect the rest of the output streams.
* options_list.hh: New option to redirect error messages. This
is particularly useful in environments with no terminal and no
available shell redirection specifications and you still want to
be able to see what kinds of errors occured.
* debian/monotone-server.monotone.init: Tell the server where
it should write error messages.



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