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7 years 2 months Update windows build/install instructions

* .mtn-ignore: ignore autom4te.cache

* INSTALL_windows_cygwin.txt: update versions, improve.

* INSTALL_windows_native.txt: update versions, improve

* innosetup/README.txt: improve
Commit aad657f04d0f21ece638434694aeabc833f37aa4, by
7 years 2 months * test/func/user_commands/extra_rc (check_head): The previous change

wasn't quite correct. `...' has quite a lot of limits, the simplest
way to handle it as a list is to assign it as a list to some variable.
In this case, it was not necessary to call `unpack', since all we want
is the first item. This is a good thing, because in Lua 5.2, `unpack'
was moved and became `table.unpack'.
Commit d8a7704a25f37b3d282eaa56730eb2b7a96b5dca, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/func/manpage/__driver__.lua, test/func/ssh_agent/__driver__.lua:

In Lua pattern strings, magic characters should be escaped with %, not
Commit 6a2fdd691a5aaf2a59367acc15d9f98ba44d8a35, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/func/automate_interface_version/__driver__.lua,

test/func/two_parent_workspace_inodeprints/__driver__.lua: A single
backslash in a string does nothing good except when followed by a
character with a defined meaning. All others are invalid in Lua, and
usually incorrect. They have been removed or double, as was fit for
each case.
Commit f9dc65ad78b0a06da037a4897d291b8bca4b5f16, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * extra/mtn-hooks/monotone-cvs-ignore.lua: file:lines() takes zero

Commit 9c086b9ef0b3d73abec54a71e1efa82c82bd5e79, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/func/automate_get_attributes/__driver__.lua,

test/func/netsync_negotiation/__driver__.lua: As documented in :
Function table.setn was deprecated. Function table.getn corresponds to
the new length operator (#); use the operator instead of the function.
Commit a6ed8b0418b6e6bd14a409841d4d084a8c2fdbb1, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/func/user_commands/extra_rc (check_head): From :
The vararg system changed from the pseudo-argument arg with a table
with the extra arguments to the vararg expression.
Commit 070069619eb6319267ed5468b49dacb730ab749e, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/src/testlib.lua (samelines, greplines, tail, run_tests):

table.getn is deprecated in Lua 5.2 and could already be replaced with
the length operator (#) in Lua 5.1.
Commit d87f33bf21cbe464b78fa22f2ae839e4e1dabb2b, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * test/src/testlib.lua (include, includecommon): Use the Lua function

`dofile', available in Lua 5.1 and 5.2 alike, as we seem to do the
exact same thing (probably old code).
Commit 708a84ff566d014308bcb8f62db3d79a58f09d17, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * NEWS: ell the good news about Lua 5.2.
Commit da58994936e27eb59e78dfa72680c81483270d63, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months * src/, src/, src/ Make

changes so we can still build against Lua 5.1.
Commit 9e4cd89b1531fa6fafdc8d6a0ff5a58f9e432842, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months merge of '5f35ba371b0ab44fb1ac020c2ef99080c08327dc'

and 'a9921d136a160d58e5adee8b9874ad44b6bd26fd'
Commit 28d1b2065efae738627537c1a035286861a7a258, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months disapproval of revision 'f39e4aec771615faebb34e38443a0b95d9f4d6ba'
Commit a9921d136a160d58e5adee8b9874ad44b6bd26fd, by Richard Levitte
7 years 2 months Remove default parameter value of LUA_GLOBALSINDEX for Lua::get*(idx)

LUA_GLOBALSINDEX is removed in Lua 5.2 so we need to get away from using it.
This patch reduces the number of uses from 6 to 4, and also lets us know
exactly what we need to address next.
Commit f39e4aec771615faebb34e38443a0b95d9f4d6ba, by Richard Hopkins
7 years 2 months Replaced 'lua_setfield' with Lua 5.1/5.2 compatible 'lua_setglobal'

With Lua 5.1, 'lua_setglobal' is defined in terms of 'lua_setfield': see
Commit 539432e5c6c4d9e269c7fb4cdfdeb5e2b9117ca3, by Richard Hopkins



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