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7 years 2 months merge of '672d62dfdd81252d581a8941a69ea4f99b2359c8'

and 'd238d73a0c7bce35c65d1dd4612d8eae104612e9'

propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head d238d73a0c7bce35c65d1dd4612d8eae104612e9)
to branch 'net.venge.monotone.min-selector' (head 672d62dfdd81252d581a8941a69ea4f99b2359c8)
Commit 0dbadd976b0d29ec72c15be03a68a700f412cd0f, by Richard Hopkins
7 years 2 months explicit merge of '9bb5a50d446795ef010213484da0be10118a2af7'

and 'bbfc042f41c7d2582b459470cd56ea4017a74ef4'

merge of '9bb5a50d446795ef010213484da0be10118a2af7'
and 'bbfc042f41c7d2582b459470cd56ea4017a74ef4'
Commit d238d73a0c7bce35c65d1dd4612d8eae104612e9, by Richard Hopkins ,
7 years 2 months * src/unix/ (rename_clobberingly): handle rename to NFS mounted directories within workspaces.
Commit bbfc042f41c7d2582b459470cd56ea4017a74ef4, by
7 years 4 months Make terminal_width for win32 consistent with unix and correct documentation

The unix version of terminal_width queries for the actual width, and on
failure returns 0; which means it's unlimited, see platform.hh. This is OK
as it's picked up on and corrected by guess_terminal_width which is used
throughout the code base and from Lua hooks.

The documentation for guess_terminal_width was slightly wrong as a width of
80 is only used on win32 systems; unix used 72, see default_terminal_width
in constants.hh.

Everywhere uses guess_terminal_width except for tick_write_count::write_ticks
which still uses terminal_width; I'm not sure at the moment if that's
intentional or an accident so I've left it.
Commit 2cb1b24a0643e108f8b2044449049053de601ac0, by Richard Hopkins
7 years 4 months merge of '872cbbe65c64dd0e036dca178ea2e62242cf126c'

and 'bdc0199b02f8fb61fc4c08db7228134cd3c4202f'
Commit 46d59b9242bfcc6d147698168611cfa416ac62ea, by Richard Levitte
7 years 8 months Close issue 194.

* (mostlyclean-util): Added target to clean up in the util
directory. This is currently needed for MacOS X.
(mostlyclean-local): Add dependency on mostlyclean-util.
Commit bdc0199b02f8fb61fc4c08db7228134cd3c4202f, by Richard Levitte
7 years 8 months * Correct typo, $(test_unit_tester_SOURCES) should be

$(test_bin_unit_tester_SOURCES). Closes issue 195
Commit c954e1afd2121eff60933e93270d855a81d726ad, by Richard Levitte
7 years 8 months * doc/pcrepattern.texi: Correct typo, "@verbatim" should be ended with

"@end verbatim". Closes issue 196.
Commit af378ab04141f724f5c49d599e96b0f61c3cf2df, by Richard Levitte
7 years 8 months * Attic/pcre/README: Update version number to match pcre.h. Closes issue 197.
Commit b364caeea5e26e19023b68a166f14ee4127996e5, by Richard Levitte
7 years 8 months * src/ Since the first string isn't a format string, let's not

pretend it is. Instead, use fputs(), that's more efficient.

The backgrond for this is Debian, where there are options to build
with the following settings:

CFLAGS=-g -O2 -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -Wformat -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security
CXXFLAGS=-g -O2 -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -Wformat -Wformat-security -Werror=format-security
Commit e3bb68c53c351f411ea4505400c16c8d9f252013, by Richard Levitte
7 years 10 months merge of '3d073d7ef08bfbe9f93dc2b6131486cc6e2f6aec'

and '7cbb20501714be7f25f30734da82d41c7ac427ca'
Commit 06738e14fae8309878e62cab9ea191be8fe891ce, by Richard Levitte
7 years 11 months Fix recursive file removal on Solaris

Solaris' remove() and rmdir() functions return
EEXIST on non-empty directories, but the code
only looked for ENOTEMPTY.

* src/unix/ test for EEXIST
8 years 1 day merge of 'b6d5661b17172a52c5083b45cf816d15bfa63d25'

and 'c041fbff3411992e955063719ca361d849c22eae'
Commit e8c64454921c1c78f931a98ada0a20e649bd6d85, by Richard Levitte
8 years 1 month improve get_attributes doc

* doc/monotone.texi (automate get_attributes): improve discussion of --revision option

* src/ (get_attributes): improve comments
Commit c041fbff3411992e955063719ca361d849c22eae, by
8 years 1 month update cygport stuff

* cygport/README.txt: update

* cygport/monotone.cygwin.patch: update for 1.0
Commit 4eb28ec433e563811f4a8bb7c31aa926dbc20374, by
8 years 1 month * src/ (get_attributes): allow the querying of

individual attributes of a file from a stored roster
* test/func/automate_get_attributes/__driver__.lua: expand the
test case for this use case
* doc/monotone.texi: document the change
* NEWS: note the change here as well
8 years 2 months * src/options_list.hh: bugfix: the c_str() of a temporary object

is no longer valid after its destruction, so make a copy.
Commit a570769b62c58e0fb571310bc231419291a55391, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 2 months * po/de.po: Minor change.
Commit 9141410f0551e6e01299c9846a8223c398f710cc, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 2 months merge of 'ca1520ecd5fd51bd42217622ccc95b44f1a0401b'

and 'da62cad10eda55aa233ac124273f3db4f541137a'
8 years 2 months * src/ Rename struct "file_handle" to "rcs_file_handle"

to avoid a name clash with a struct of same name defined by newer
glibc's "fcntl.h". For aesthetic reasons, also rename struct
Commit da62cad10eda55aa233ac124273f3db4f541137a, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 3 months merge of '161767762762ac96c5fe8c8f88f7588a68540d87'

and 'bb5b0702260383c4086ab2088bfa79883f53f6ce'
Commit 65bcb8cf8b32f68a5b48629b328f6d65979e58df, by Richard Levitte
8 years 3 months * extra/shell/ (_monotone_databases): Since

monotone defaults to databases ending with .db as well, check for files
with that extension as well when looking for databases.
Commit bb5b0702260383c4086ab2088bfa79883f53f6ce, by Richard Levitte
8 years 3 months * test/func/serve-automate/__driver__.lua: Adjust to corrected error

Commit 63cbd05e6fd8fdd851c8de9d817a782278704b47, by Richard Levitte
8 years 3 months * po/fr.po, po/sv.po: Refresh changed messages.
Commit b72ddadae807d60fa1b1e835a52e6e8f8cabbc48, by Richard Levitte
8 years 3 months * src/*.cc, src/network/*.cc: Correct message casing that were still not

according to specs in HACKING.
Commit 43ed9c9b4bebe876145121ae488728965030fcab, by Richard Levitte



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