monotone Mtn Change Log

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8 years 6 months Small corrections to the french translation
Commit 1c00e6f4ffa7bfadf236707c54e0ac8f525d7b5d, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months set a proper dev release for this branch
8 years 7 months * NEWS: note the SQLite 3.7 fixes and the updated fr translation

* po/LINGUAS: add fr to the shipped translation list as well
8 years 7 months French translation contributed via Debian bug #606185.

Submitted by Steve Petruzzello <>
Commit cb909f4c2875d5274a08f88162ddeb6a3737ed96, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months applied changes from 97939c9677047b36beef031cce4c1896849a987c

through 9def7716bcd068fc1929ed8336432bbed775d9ee

"sqlite3_column_blob() returns null for both empty blobs and real nulls.
Check the actual datatype first, and don't rely on a non-null return.
This only matters for recent SQLite, noted in bug 96."

applied changes from c36b63fe53580cdf51cd5c6afa42fc4a30a1d095
through 78f4db157a353de19b33df875959efc2492812b4

"SQLite 3.7 is less eager about creting journal files; in particular a
do-nothing 'db migrate' doesn't create one. So don't require that
'db migrate' fail if the database directory isn't writeable."
Commit bf96579b380adff4b0f60d5e0acbba61bbec372e, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Update date for the 0.48.1 release.
Commit 2f15adf3960518e6429d47e26f75e32367d2ef9e, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months Set version to 0.48.1.
Commit 80d044b091655afc6a04ee271e0ee885abcc54f8, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months Update NEWS.
Commit b103cc0446d4d3d0769acfc6cad4ee0aedbd7463, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months * netxx/resolve_getaddrinfo.cxx: Don't throw when the port for a

service cannot be resolved, but return 0 instead, causing fallback
to the standard port.
Commit c7fb6fe126e3e58e736f55bca45802010aaa8db8, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months * (complete_command): do not return the fake, internal

__ROOT__ command id, instead just point the user at possible
command completions like for the other (sub-command) use cases
* tests/empty_command_name/__driver__.lua: adapt accordingly
8 years 9 months applied changes from 51961148be81591a940d462b8ff5cf944810a445

through 232da8c92174de02fdd2e442f118668ff889ea68

Someone running "mtn ''" or "mtn ls ''" should not be an internal error.
Commit 2cc01e1baf1032ccf40053bd9910b12d7b87cce6, by Thomas Moschny
9 years 28 days Fix changelog editor tests to pass on Linux

* tests/changelog_editor/__driver__.lua: fix to pass on Linux

* tests/commit_default_editor/__driver__.lua: make check more rigorous
Commit b678c9b159adfcc20715986a8aa153026f4a2ed1, by
9 years 28 days fix tests failing on Win32

* tests/changelog_editor/__driver__.lua: status does not check date format
commit does not fail with bad date format

* tests/commit_default_editor/__driver__.lua: changed comment for bad
date format; no warning on Win32
Commit bca7f80d2ea8cd0048d8a4f63c16251bec42c3c3, by
9 years 29 days * win32/ add 'include sanity.hh'
Commit 648cf153cdebcadbda6760c35b1bffc11d3dabf7, by
9 years 29 days avoid warnings about unparseable dates on Win32

* (get_log_message_interactively): improve warning
message for unparseable date format
(CMD(status)): delete warning message for unparseable date format;
commit can cope

* std_hooks.lua (get_default_command_options): add --no-format-dates to
commit on Win32 to avoid warning about not parseable.
Commit a8babf1b9a8aada286fc05cb695e055e99d8fe17, by



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