monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
8 years 4 months * NEWS: note the French po update
8 years 4 months * po/fr.po: French translation updated
Commit 359246213ac107d95686f8400dcd57d074c62480, by Steve R. Petruzzello
8 years 7 months append 'dev' to the release number
8 years 7 months applied changes from 37610c8e8486e1ff2369f6d8a35c1dbe9ffbd028

through f4d9a9a65688dbe7f3a0e074edb38db5308db221
Commit ce77486843f41d50ebf60183c2afc901ce3b5c6a, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months merge of '1fd95eb8da6b4209a8dcfa3cb49f56d11bf98076'

and '66ddd0f2bb9bb0e98aafe1ddd3c5975a9102c4d1'
Commit 814064853cfb2d8b3cf0eea5e5de51337cd20694, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months fix win32 installer build

* (monotone-$(PACKAGE_VERSION)-setup.exe): add info

* win32/ fix html directories
Commit 66ddd0f2bb9bb0e98aafe1ddd3c5975a9102c4d1, by
8 years 8 months * NEWS: insert a release date, fix punctation

* UPGRADE,, visualc/config.h: bump t0 0.99.1
8 years 8 months * I should do releases on Sunday, completely

forgot to bump the interface version :(
* NEWS: note my f'up
8 years 8 months * a missing size_t initialization made the code which

grabbed the matches from pcre crash on x86_64 (closes issue 100)
* NEWS: note the bugfix
8 years 8 months Now that that the attr_init_functions are overridden in test_hooks.lua

(see issue 97), we must no longer use them in order to complete this
test successfully on unixoid operating systems.



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