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11 years 8 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 69a997a9f33f38d3b1ef76daad456da510fa2bc8)

to branch '' (head e08b4ca6785ec628f01e73366cf8f449df8af839)
Commit eef964206b9ae935fd35058dc1ebfed3db0e1228, by
11 years 8 months *, ignore_set.hh: New files containing all-C++ implementation of

the ignore mechanism.
* Add them.
* std_hooks.lua (ignore_file): Delete.
* work.hh (workspace): Include ignore_set.hh. Add an ignore_set object to
data members.
* (workspace::ignore_file): If there is no Lua ignore hook, use
the ignores object.

* tests/ Update stderr-ref. No longer necessary
to skip the first line of stderr.

* pcrewrap.hh (pcre::regex): Switch from bare pointers to boost::shared_ptrs.
Re-enable default and copy constructors.
* (regex::init, regex::match): Adjust for use of shared_ptrs.
(regex::~regex): Delete; implicit destructor is now correct.
(get_capturecount): Delete unused function.
Commit e08b4ca6785ec628f01e73366cf8f449df8af839, by
11 years 8 months More interface tweakage:

* Include work.hh and file_io.hh; not app_state.hh.
(validate_roster_paths, validate_workspace_paths): Take a workspace argument,
not an app_state.
(node_restriction constructors, path_restriction constructors): Similarly.
(all unit tests): Create a dummy workspace object, not a dummy app_state object.
restrictions.hh: Forward-declare workspace, not app_state. Adjust declarations.
* work.hh: Add a default constructor under #ifdef BUILD_UNIT_TESTS. Change
db and lua member variables to pointers.
* Adjust all use of db and lua member variables. For consistency,
make file_itemizer and addition_builder use pointers to database and workspace
* (inventory_itemizer): Remove unnecessary app_state
variable member. Change constructor to take a workspace argument.
(inventory_filesystem): Similarly.
(automate inventory): Update node_restriction and path_restriction
constructor calls and use of inventory_filesystem.
Update node_restriction and path_restriction constructor calls.
Commit 0d75b4fa258a0139064ceabf2ee7249fd0828549, by
11 years 8 months * (workspace::ignore_file, workspace::init_attributes): New methods.

(file_itemizer, addition_builder): Swap out the lua_hooks member for a
reference to the workspace object; use the above new methods instead of calling
the hooks directly. Adjust all constructor calls.
* work.hh (workspace): Declare new methods. Add some boolean fields for
workspace::ignore_file's use.
* lua_hooks.hh, Rename hook_ignore_file to
obsolete_hook_ignore_file. Add obsolete_hook_ignore_file_defined that just
reports whether the hook is defined.
Change all calls to lua.hook_ignore_file to use work.ignore_file instead.
Commit f749dfb46c1b854765803eacd37fed508e6d99ff, by



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