monotone Mtn Change Log

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10 years 4 months - Several "output filter" template files, for allowing different target formats, which include the central converter stylesheet for basic functionality

- First work on the MDWN and HTML converter stylesheets; these are just test files for showing the possibility of different output formats; many work has to be done to get them complete
- Small adaptions on the Readme and Todo files
Commit 062df2e225d8db5e1836119fd79593a35fbbfc2d, by
10 years 5 months - Added basic documentation

- No changes to the XSLT converter so far
Commit 16d4e4f02d3179763cd8389f2da446f072ce0213, by
10 years 5 months - Start of the project.

- Search for a XSLT 2.0 capable processor, which is needed for generating more than one output file out of the basic TechML documentation, which comes in a single file.
- Experiments with the "multiple document" features of XSLT.
- First basic templates which split the input TechML into logical blocks along the different chapters.
- Creation of a group of recursive working templates which convert the plain TechML structure into a hierarchical one. This is mainly used for building up the path for the output documents.
Commit 12009af47e9068fb228e64e7bfc6be882ee0cf3b, by



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