monotone Mtn Change Log

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8 years 7 months Better indexing for the revision_certs table, so that looking up the

certs on a particular revision is faster (can pull everything from the
index, without having to go look up in the table).
Commit f94d3092bdb3a65bceb1acd654d3e3c3f7df2676, by Timothy Brownawell
8 years 7 months Running 'mtn bisect' manually is a pain. This is a script

to automate it.
Commit 81b1f0ed293ff2b8a0c0329fc400a2809ebb37d5, by Timothy Brownawell
8 years 7 months Document the fix of issue 106
Commit 07b91bd7bb49a7ef5d09d1eac37ac4bbee5c0f03, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months When removing a binary file, diff should report that said filename is

binary, not that /dev/null is.

For now, this is done by checking if filename2 is the magic marker '/dev/null'.
Commit 77d61233ea3d61f0f97a8b6a0116c0c0d86c9ee6, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months * network/ (set_raw_uri): well, obviously this

was plain wrong and made file: and ssh: uris completely not
working - I see these things always just after you hit
commit :(
8 years 7 months * network/ (set_raw_uri): bail out early if is empty

* tests/netsync_badhost_gives_nice_error/__driver__.lua: expand the existing
test case accordingly
* NEWS: note the fix
8 years 7 months add a comment to clarify why we treat a path of '/~foo' as correct in this place
8 years 7 months Disable the test that looks for tildes anywhere in a tilde-expanded

path, as tildes can exist in any directory name (and I happened to see
this test fail because I was running it in a directory that contained
a tilde).
Either way, a test to find a tilde anywhere is pretty unnecessary, as
the test before showed that *something* happened, which is the
requirement anyway, judging from the comment higher up.
Commit f4d9a9a65688dbe7f3a0e074edb38db5308db221, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months Add an example of how to set up a central monotone server
Commit 37610c8e8486e1ff2369f6d8a35c1dbe9ffbd028, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months Document the new hook.
Commit afaee98893bb20f64b3a9f1042d5f5e43df58bbe, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months Add a server hook to authenticate remote automate operations, either

by matching a key identity with patterns in the file
remote-automate-permissions, or matching the command with a configured
list of safe remote automate commands (configured through the variable
ARA_safe_commands, which can be set up anywhere before this hook is
Commit 614e77089113eba5870347b0558c555cf78417a7, by Richard Levitte
8 years 7 months Don't rely on C99-only variable-stack-arrays.
Commit 046b3d9c482da33053f4f97221237d0d1498b72f, by Timothy Brownawell
8 years 7 months * giving get_key_identity the key store sounds

like a good idea...; remove some more dead code there - once
we completed the key identity we know for sure that the key
* tests/dump_private_key: improve the tests by adding some more
test cases and rely on a statically generated key for the test
* NEWS: note the fix
8 years 7 months * (privkey): remove some dead code
8 years 7 months * tests/dump_private_key: new failing test which shows that mtn

currently does not allow the dump of a private key without a
database reference
8 years 7 months Fix netsync_negotiation test to actually work with real previous-version monotones.
Commit b97a29163d6166d6d5e1d15f437f8325ac987070, by Timothy Brownawell
8 years 7 months show_conflicts: output summary for non-automate

* NEWS: note change

* (show_conflicts_core): output summary for non-automate
(CMD store): output summary

* merge_roster.hh:
* (count_supported_resolution): new

* tests/resolve_conflicts_all_resolutions/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_duplicate_name/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_duplicate_name_directory/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_errors/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_errors/conflicts-attr-store-1:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_multiple_names/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_none/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_orphaned_file/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_propagate/__driver__.lua: check summary
Commit c26b91d1884512efa7adf1b209f207d142c03606, by
8 years 8 months fix monotone issue 101

* NEWS: note fix

* (set_duplicate_name_conflict, set_first_conflict):
fix arg indexing
(CMD resolve_first): improve help

* tests/resolve_conflicts_all_resolutions/__driver__.lua: match previous
change; add progress message

* tests/resolve_conflicts_duplicate_name/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_orphaned_file/__driver__.lua:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/__driver__.lua: test bad resolution
Commit 0441b58e2b76c2aac899688f2feebc6ebd064268, by
8 years 8 months add default path for 'mtn conflicts resolve_first interactive', also progress messages.

* monotone.texi (Conflicts):
* (set_first_conflict): add default path for 'mtn
conflicts resolve_first interactive', also progress messages.

* paths.hh:
* (normalize_external_path): make public

* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/__driver__.lua: test 'interactive'

* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/update-1:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/merge-1:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/conflicts-2:
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/conflicts-1: match test changes

* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/conflicts-3: New file.
* tests/resolve_conflicts_content/merge.lua: New file.

* win32/README: fix upload URL
Commit af0b5d1b31f5f340c715c57364d3de5d7fec995f, by
8 years 8 months merge of '19e4162f7cbbb5dfe839373e16277190cfd1b977'

and '1b315e96fc1f933325d5fb9942aef563a683467c'
Commit 33a6ead1972f65826f5018fbe38d4681207da24a, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Rewrite the bash completion package, make it ready for mtn 1.0
Commit 1b315e96fc1f933325d5fb9942aef563a683467c, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Adjust translation
Commit d29ec4adcacef7e948e27eacd139ef01157c6531, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months Make command argument list for 'fmerge' and 'pluck' consistent with how

it's done elsewhere
Commit 7ee34f5221b68c3dd59dd2a249c7c2e77ff087ab, by Richard Levitte
8 years 8 months * texinfo.css: make the navigation a little smaller to match

the font size used elsewhere (13px)
* make the navigation icons two pixels smaller so their borders
are not cut
8 years 8 months the border radius should have been 10px



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