monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
11 years 10 months basic plumbing for syslog option and connection to ui object
Commit b99142d846cd2df7daa78c4e1fbb4ba6a53f0f48, by
11 years 10 months disapproval of revision '58c57abb3c21960267ece4743f4f6eccf95038c5'
Commit 59b924bb687c631e1e8448c8dd01738dc5d06b2a, by
11 years 10 months initial plumbing of --use-syslog option and basic app_state connection; currently use-syslog is enabled for serve
Commit 58c57abb3c21960267ece4743f4f6eccf95038c5, by



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