monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
8 years 8 months insert the new release number
8 years 8 months two new sections popped up, so we need to account them
8 years 8 months merge of '6912abba4ebcd114ae4223c81f9544b702aeabd1'

and 'e1644c0c15a03e7791a9a7bd8c83bf43cc993b36'

merge of '6912abba4ebcd114ae4223c81f9544b702aeabd1'
and 'e1644c0c15a03e7791a9a7bd8c83bf43cc993b36'
Commit 65fd1a492096979760b845c38a89e3438a7e767d, by,
8 years 8 months Updates related to the release of monotone 0.48.1.
Commit e1644c0c15a03e7791a9a7bd8c83bf43cc993b36, by Thomas Moschny
8 years 9 months PHP 5.3 compat
8 years 9 months * ignore downloads and

* remove link to _analog.html, which we do not have on the new server
8 years 9 months Rewrite wiki requests to
8 years 9 months Fix wiki links
8 years 9 months Remove the wiki part of the website and obsolete support files.

Remove workaround file.



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