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11 years 8 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 133d7c3ff21229143d27ccd7cca5d64d2b117335)

to branch '' (head d4aec8d3ac1a254600a41544918824fedb8dcb23)
Commit 3befc7cb6ed014757134d403ecf3618ec98e44d2, by
11 years 8 months Update kill_rev_locally test, fix thinko in kill_rev_locally
Commit d4aec8d3ac1a254600a41544918824fedb8dcb23, by
11 years 8 months Rewrite kill_rev_locally workspace handling. This:

-- makes it compatible with new work state API
-- makes the code simpler
-- allows it to work even if there are further local changes to the
Commit 18367c5c7abc8a50f8480a19d9b130e065a09b3c, by
11 years 8 months first attempt to fix up after merge
Commit c67f650460554a41e7fc06a328de5458a9127229, by
11 years 8 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 377b436a1403cb8532372f045a57ee5d26d9bd61)

to branch '' (head dd047ddf56d6c97b58e2b7972347854b885bf4a6)
Commit 93b3f2cd5c328d30016fb9659be0c66a58444d02, by
11 years 8 months Fix bug in iterator handling in suspend code
Commit dd047ddf56d6c97b58e2b7972347854b885bf4a6, by
11 years 8 months Sample precheck() doesn't actually work, might as well fix it
Commit 3ead0bc39ce55287897f2de1f69cfb92a3833cef, by
11 years 8 months fix netsync_permissions test
Commit 95686296932410f5de788864859bd430bad2f24d, by
11 years 8 months update inodeprints test
Commit 16bfd673eadb987a21bfe9cb4f2526d74f463069, by
11 years 8 months fix import bug
Commit 8a6cfe0a73b953ce5bf8c058ed488309fdbf229b, by
11 years 8 months fix stupid bug in get_unique_base_rid
Commit c9d7be5d878f55182ff01fe767ffe39be5516854, by
11 years 8 months fix set_work_state_to_new_root so most tests pass
Commit 360fdbd96d39ecc65b1ed94147ca5935f3566e92, by
11 years 8 months Now with extra actually-compiles goodness
Commit 6dcd5254c46f1fa4091a8a9362d7739b579fa255, by
11 years 8 months Rename get_current_roster_shape to get_work_state_shape_only
Commit e36c20f1fbc447449b51df53d1128c189b9dd6fd, by
11 years 8 months Comments
Commit e1e241d544507ca38cd03d074c2b21d07cf7b3a2, by
11 years 8 months Implement my saner API for writing _MTN/revision.

This branch is now done in principle, just need to fix any build/test
errors that crop up, once I'm off battery.
Commit 90531db5cfb56846ad3acdfbfa32b2ca38d62731, by
11 years 8 months Move parent map loader utility into
Commit 352785edc1f0d740c9e7beb1485a899fd1a80cac, by
11 years 8 months Move cached_roster and parent_map to roster.hh
Commit 6dbe78d373bcd6800c4e4af2cec3758847fb7248, by
11 years 8 months Convert everything over to new API -- just need to, uh, implement it.
Commit 3ce1248a81c7dda4f882d04024447e8e3e9f70b6, by
11 years 8 months Describe a new, saner API for updating put_work_rev
Commit dc8f06db88fd96c90ad1437d8901925724394b5d, by



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