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12 years 11 months merge of 2b82c3cea19e7a8e87f9c5a7d8b7bc4efb7acb50

and bcee7b2ed536942ba829f2f08c04b15a7ece73bd
Commit f2bf4109ff5889ea404f0a030e0b6c359b6956e2, by
12 years 11 months * (CMD(update)): Put the initial calculation of

working roster and marking_map back the way it was, except for
using get_work_rev.
Commit bcee7b2ed536942ba829f2f08c04b15a7ece73bd, by
12 years 11 months * Fix merge borkage.
Commit a18986019a85ec38c573d9ee88dae73fb5b2ab6f, by
13 years 1 day propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 98db0d2a2e12c8255c591994d1ea9c6e947793be)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.workspace-merge.api' (head ca0e87f5aa94378df6e221f06dce5c5058683873)
Commit 194f6c3b2bb362553f41635cc30c5c92b53c1dd0, by
13 years 1 day 2006-07-18 Zack Weinberg <>

Revision in _MTN/workrev, not cset in _MTN/work.
Not finished - still many test failures.
* Consolidate all file-scope string constants at top of
file; make them all static const.
(get_work_rev, put_work_rev, get_roster_for_rid)
(get_base_and_new_rosters_for_rev): New functions.
(get_work_path, get_work_cset, put_work_cset, remove_work_cset)
(get_revision_path, put_revision_id): Delete.
(get_revision_id, get_base_roster, get_current_roster_shape)
(get_base_and_current_roster_shape): Rewrite in terms of new functions.
(perform_additions, perform_deletions, perform_rename)
(perform_pivot_root): Update to new interfaces.
(dump<shared_ptr<T>>): New partial specialization.
* work.hh: Update prototypes and commentary.
* (make_revision): Add some MMs; call check_sane at
end. Reorder operations so that all input data is read before
the output argument is modified.
(print_insane_revision): New function.
(print_revision, write_insane_revision): Use it.
* (fake_id): New function.
* vocab.hh: Prototype fake_id and define wrapper macro.
* (CMD(update), CMD(pluck))
* (CMD(revert), CMD(checkout), CMD(attr))
(CMD(commit), CMD(setup)
Update to new interfaces.
* tests: Update all tests that look at _MTN/work or _MTN/revision.
* testsuite.lua (base_revision): Likewise.
* NEWS: Mention non-backward-compatible change to workspaces.
* monotone.texi: Update all references to _MTN/work or _MTN/revision.
Commit ca0e87f5aa94378df6e221f06dce5c5058683873, by
13 years 5 days * (get_base_revision): Delete both overloads; collapse into...

(get_base_roster): Make static.
* work.hh: Delete prototypes for get_base_revision, get_base_roster.
Commit 8ec51a51c7054daceaa1e08592d4f15446eb3352, by



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