monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
1 year 4 months Correct mtn status and its hints for how to update or merge.

* src/ for the status command, check heads against
descendants of (all) parent revisions, instead of against other heads
only. This corrects the hints for doing merge followed by update.
1 year 7 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone.botan' (head 6e44856c2fcb57c22d3cce0999cc71e11e807fec)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 72478bb4f92dbdc689b30423b29044e010e08f2a)
1 year 8 months Correct negative timestamps in git_export.

* src/ as_millisecs_since_unix_epoch may yield negative
values which git doesn't like much. As commit dates before 1970 are
bogus anyways, it seems okay to just set those to zero.
1 year 8 months Eliminate more compiler warnings (by gcc 6.3)

* src/{cmd,rcs_file}.cc: properly mark destructors that throw. (The
default for destructors has changed to noexcept with C++11.)
1 year 8 months Eliminate a compiler warning (by gcc 6.3)

* test/unit/tests/ Correct indentation.
2 years 10 months Tiny little refactoring step.

* src/ replace some loops to use C++11, simplify.
2 years 11 months Simplify the status command in preparation for fixing suspend certs info.

* src/ combine the two per-branch reporting sections into
a single common method. Merge the former div_heads and newer_heads
maps into a single heads map with per-head revision status
information. Properly collect suspend certs and filter suspended
branches. Use project.get_branch_heads rather than maintaining
another instance of some graph traversal algorithm copied from Drop the unused is_head flag of the parent_state struct.
* src/ add one more detail to a debug message.
3 years 6 days * protect against a syntax error from cp.
3 years 7 days * test/func/log_dir/__driver__.lua: increase verbosity of test log
3 years 1 month Try reducing intermittent test failures.

* test/func/log_dir/__driver__.lua: add --no-colorize to ensure this
doesn't cripple outputs we rely on.
3 years 1 month Correct musings after breakage in 3b095cd7bd34c75440f7203179a21eb4b53096db.

* src/sanity.hh: Split the Musing class into MusingRval and MusingRef
for the two different use cases, correct MM macro.
* src/ minor simplification
3 years 1 month Eliminate an llvm compiler warning.

* src/sanity.hh: in the real_M magro for musings, add a couple of
parens to ensure this is interpreted as a variable declaration (and
not a function).
3 years 1 month Eliminate some more memory leaks found with an address sanitizer.

* src/ turn the list of pointers to musings into a list of
managed pointers to keep track of all musings.
* src/sanity.hh: drop MusingI and the remove_reference class; note
that C++ issue #106 is marked resolved by now. Instead, add a
ScopedMusing helper class. Adjust MM and PERM_MM macros, turning
PERM_MM into something that 'eats' the object given.
3 years 1 month Eliminate some more memory leaks found with an address sanitizer.

* src/app_state.{cc,hh}: store managed pointers to option_applicators
in the app_state, so these are cleaned up properly.
* src/ use the above feature to avoid a (formerly intentional)
memory leak.
* src/options_applicator.{cc,hh}: move the definition of the
option_applicatior_impl to the header file, link the implementation
object via a unique_ptr.
3 years 1 month Eliminate a couple of memory leaks found with an address sanitizer.

None of these are crucial, but being able to compile and run with an
address sanitizer enabled might be useful.

* src/ in spawn_pipe, free argv memory upon
erroneous invocation.
* src/unix/ comment out the unused 'PAGER' environment
variable, do not allocate memory for pager_args, but use a static
* src/options_list.hh: simplify help text for move_conflicting_paths
to eliminate another memory leak.
3 years 1 month Correctly interpret negative numbers for Sqlite's default_cache_size.

* src/ looks like there could have been negative numbers
forever, but since Sqlite v3.7.10, they are interpreted
differently. And on at least one system a negative number now is the
3 years 1 month Revert 1dce90712ef7b383c41c993617d54b2b21ead743 (the posix_spawn vs vfork).
3 years 1 month Eliminate a compiler warning.

* src/unix/ be more explicit about ignoring the return value
of a write call.
3 years 1 month Properly declare the global environ, should fix the build on BSD.

* src/unix/ declare environ.
3 years 1 month merge of '1dce90712ef7b383c41c993617d54b2b21ead743'

and '7001039b36b14c7a7d8933d73f3237afda597ec9'
3 years 3 months Split network portion of db_opt_fallback_mechanisms into its own test.
3 years 3 months Add rvalue variants of lowercase and uppercase.
3 years 3 months Cleanup and simplify a bit.

* src/project.hh: use constants rather than macros for cert_names,
change guess_branch.
* src/ let guess_branch return its result, drop a
variant of guess_branch that writes its result to the options.
* src/ use C++11 for loop, adjust to
guess_branch, use rev_id rather than revid
* src/cmd_{diff_log,list,rev_output}.cc: drop extra cert_name
variables, use the ones provided by project.hh
* src/ use rev_id rather than r as a variable
* src/network/ simplify a bit, use C++11 for
3 years 3 months Correct a test after adding a detail to a user-facing message.

* test/func/move_conflicting_unversioned/__driver__.lua: rather
than 'conflicting path' it's 'conflicting file', now.
3 years 3 months Correct updates with (potentionally conflicting) special files.

* src/ let the workspace_itemizer treat special files like
regular ones, so that perform_content_update works and conflicts on
existing special files - or moves them if --move-conflicting-paths.
* test/func/update_with_special_file: add a test to cover this case



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