monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 1 month Changed files in preparation for the 0.05 release of Monotone::AutomateStdio.
10 years 1 month - Corrected some issues with the 0.44 Monotone upgrade work:

- The MTN_W_SELECTOR constant is now correctly exported along with the others.
- A new supports constant, MTN_COMMON_KEY_HASH, has now been added so that one
can test whether the genkey() and keys() methods return a common single hash
or separate public and private ones.
- Modified the genkey() and keys() methods to cope with the common single
- The type field has been dropped from the records returned by the keys()
method. It wasn't really needed as only one field is sometimes not available.
- Updated mtn-tester so as to reduce avoidable churn in the test output and to
also correctly deal with the data returned by the get_revision() method.
- Updated and tidied up the POD documentation to reflect the above changes.
10 years 1 month - Now supports the conversion of UTF-8 data into and out of Perl's internal

UTF-8 string format for data read in from and sent out to the mtn subprocess.
- Added a suppress_utf8_conversion() meoth for disabling the above conversion if
so desired.
- Added support for the w: selector introduced in Monotone version 0.44.
10 years 2 months Changed files in preparation for the 0.04 release of Monotone::AutomateStdio.
10 years 2 months - Updated for Monotone version 0.43, (added support for the m: and u:

- Corrected and simplified the `Have I got a class thingy as my first argument?'
logic in light of issues encountered when I tried to derive from this class.
- Updated the test harness in light of previous interface changes and the fact
that mtn revert is more noisy now (use the -quiet switch).
- Updated the POD documentation.
10 years 3 months Switched to the OO way of calling methods, more consistent.
10 years 3 months - Renamed the can() method to supports() so as not to conflict with Perl's

UNIVERSAL can() method.
- Renamed some of the capability constants so as to fit in more naturally with
the method renamed above.
10 years 5 months Prepared files for the 0.03 release of this module.
10 years 5 months Switched all Perl scripts over to demanding Perl 5.8.5.
10 years 5 months Improved an error message (which was causing compilation to fail anyway).
10 years 5 months - Added the $mtn->switch_to_ws_root() class method.

- Documented the above and under the NOTES section went into greater detail
the issues surrounding using mtn inside workspaces.
10 years 5 months Some small updates to documentation.
10 years 6 months - Changed the order of the Changes file (most recent first).

- Clarified some POD file text.
10 years 6 months The previous version number wasn't liked by the automated package build

utilities. So I am sticking with the m.nn style of version numbering.
10 years 6 months Updated the test results, the change log and the installation instructions.
10 years 6 months Added the test results so that I can easily keep track of changes etc.
10 years 6 months Removed the use of the less command as it mucks up the test output and related

10 years 6 months - Updated to work with Monotone version 0.42 (added the i$mtn->file_merge(),

$mtn->lua() and $mtn->read_packets() methods and added support for the
--no-workspace mtn command line switch).
- Now support the NULL key type in parse_kv_record to allow for cases where
there is a field key without a value.
- The $io_stanza_re regular expression now also extras the key name.
- Made an exception message more meaningful.
- Updated the documentation as a result of the new 0.42 features. I have also
included a new EXAMPLES section, which details some of the less obvious
features, and an AUTHORS section.
- mtn-tester has been updated to test the new features and now recreates the
$mtn object after doing its initial tests so that any error messages are
cleared out prior to the actual tests.
10 years 6 months - Added contributions and ideas from Thomas Keller:

- Now have two constructors new_from_db() and new_from_ws(). The first is
aliased to new() and does what the old constructor did. The second
constructor uses the details from the specified workspace.
- The databases are checked to see if they are Monotone SQLite v3 databases
before they are opened by the mtn subprocess.
- The get_ws_path() method has been added.
- The mtn subprocess is either started inside the root directory (if no
workspace is being used) or in the top level directory inside the
specified/current workspace. This helps avoid all sorts of confusion and
weirdness with the mtn subprocess.
- Added the db_locked_condition_detected() method.
- Revamped all of the regexp string extraction code to be more efficient.
- Updated the documentation (documented the new stuff, corrected a few typos and
revamped the RETURN VALUE section to make it more readable).
10 years 7 months Added the standard copyright blurb at the bottom of the POD file.
10 years 8 months Updated the Changes file.
10 years 8 months Tested CPAN package generation. All seems to work fine.
10 years 8 months First stab at a CPAN module.
10 years 8 months - Added the intro message in mtn-tester.

- mtn-tester now makes sure that there is no default database to sync to (safety
10 years 8 months - Completely revamped the key-value parsing to make it much more generic.

- Now fully support the automate stdio interface (both read and write) for
Monotone versions 0.35 up to 0.41 (the latest at the time of this checkin).
- Completely revamped the mtn-tester test script to be easier to maintain. It
now has a list of tests that it performs in a generic framework.
- Updated the documentation to reflect these changes.
- Tested against Monotone versions 0.35 and 0.41.



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