monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
8 years 10 months Prepared files for the 0.09 release.
8 years 10 months More documentation updates that were missed off last time.
8 years 10 months - Added support for Monotone version 0.48 by adding the update() method.

- Made the the code that reads format 2 chunk headers slightly more efficient
(avoids calling poll() more than it has to).
- Updated the documentation (and corrected a typo).
- Updated mtn-tester for Monotone version 0.48 and now added code to print out
the return value from the get_error_message() method after each test.
9 years 22 days * lib/Monotone/ recognize development versions
9 years 25 days Prepared files for the 0.08 release.
9 years 1 month - The get_db_name() method now returns undef instead of ":memory:" when

connecting to a network service.
- Improved some exception messages and other minor code tidy-ups.
9 years 1 month - Added the get_service_name() method.

- Corrected a bug where retries on locked db caused exceptions to be thrown in
the startup routine despite the retry handler successfully dealing with the
situation and waiting until the db was unlocked.
- Now stop deep recursion from happening in the above situation.
- Improved the logic in error handling inside the startup routine so that the
best error message is generated.
- Updates the documentation and corrected a few typos.
9 years 3 months Prepared files for the 0.07 release.
9 years 3 months - Added the prototype for the sync() method.

- Corrected some comments.
- Updated the POD documentation.
9 years 3 months Added a return statement to the end of all methods that don't return anything so

that nothing can be accidentally leaked (Perl subroutines by default return the
value of the last expression executed).
9 years 3 months Moved the `send last message down p/t stream(s)' logic to be in with the rest of

the last message logic (makes it clearer).
9 years 3 months Now use the getlines() method instead of <>.
9 years 3 months - Auto-flush is now turned on for file handles that are to have stream data sent

down them.
- The code for calculating the calling name in the sync() method now strips off
the leading package/class name.
- Improved the test for checking file handles in the register_stream_handle()
- Corrected several bugs in the stream handling code (to do with the p and t
- Data chunks sent down the file handles for the p and t streams now have their
headers sent also, this will make it easier for the reader.
- SIGPIPE is now ignored (caused the program to terminate when the mtn
subprocess exited unexpectedly and this library was in the middle of sending
it something).
- Some code tidy ups.
- Added new tests for mtn version 0.46 and updated the test results with the
corresponding output.
9 years 3 months - Now switched over to using randomly generated keys for the Inside-Out style

class. This has meant I can get rid of the CLONE() method and the
%class_objects hash.
- The delete() calls in the destructor are now under the protection of an eval
block (shouldn't have been an issue as deleting a non-existent entry is not an
error but better safe than sorry).
- Stopped using abbreviated words in error messages.
- Rationalised the use of die() croaker() and carper() (some things were carping
when they should have been croaking).
- Used the OO style of calling print() and printf() so that $this->{mtn_in}
could be used directly.
- Short reads on reading data cause errors rather than a blocking read.
- Restructured some code in mtn_command_with_options() to be more logically
- Failure to read the new format header does not obscure potentially more
helpful error messages.
9 years 4 months Get more consistent results (WRT irrelevant Data::Dumper related white space) if

UTF-8 conversion is switched off.
9 years 4 months First stab at Outside In object design.
9 years 4 months - Added support for extracting the extra automate stdio data streams new in

- Added support for automate remote_stdio via the new_from_service() contructor.
- Added the pull(), push() and sync() methods.
- The version numbers are not treated as floating point numbers.
9 years 4 months Early checkin of code to get what is there working with Monontone 0.46.
9 years 5 months - Made the convertion from UTF-8 into Perl's internal string format handle

errors in a better way.
- Made the handling of the convert_to_utf8 flag a little bit more consistent
with other such flags.
9 years 7 months Changed files in preparation for the 0.06 release of Monotone::AutomateStdio.
9 years 7 months Now allow the --rcfile switch.
9 years 7 months - Updated library to take into account the changes made in Monotone 0.45. This

also includes the documentation. Changes include:
- tags() and certs() now return a has as a key or signer rather than their
- content_diff() now supports the --reverse and --with-headers options.
- keys() now returns given_name and local_name instead of just name.
- Tested against a 0.45 database and also updated the test harness to reflect
the above changes.
9 years 11 months - Made the exception handling code more consistent and cleaner.

- Made other small consistency tidy ups.
9 years 11 months - Corrected the use of IO::Poll's mask method and added POLLHUP to the mask.

- Now much more explicit in handling the reaping of subprocesses and much more
robust in the face of a subprocess that won't die.
- Now test for the presence of exceptions by using a simple boolean test.
- Now cope with open3() throwing exceptions whilst inside the child process.
10 years 12 days Changed files in preparation for the 0.05 release of Monotone::AutomateStdio.



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