monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 7 months Added the standard copyright blurb at the bottom of the POD file.
10 years 8 months Updated the Changes file.
10 years 8 months Tested CPAN package generation. All seems to work fine.
10 years 8 months First stab at a CPAN module.
10 years 8 months - Added the intro message in mtn-tester.

- mtn-tester now makes sure that there is no default database to sync to (safety
10 years 8 months - Completely revamped the key-value parsing to make it much more generic.

- Now fully support the automate stdio interface (both read and write) for
Monotone versions 0.35 up to 0.41 (the latest at the time of this checkin).
- Completely revamped the mtn-tester test script to be easier to maintain. It
now has a list of tests that it performs in a generic framework.
- Updated the documentation to reflect these changes.
- Tested against Monotone versions 0.35 and 0.41.
10 years 10 months - Now use severity constants instead of strings.

- Implemented the genkey, packet_for_fdata, packet_for_fdelta, packet_for_rdata,
packets_for_certs, put_file and put_revision methods.
- Corrected a wrong data type argument error in the cert method.
- Arguments can be passed by reference now so as to allow for efficient passing
of large chunks of data into Monotone via the put_file method.
- Updated the documentation to reflect the changes.
10 years 10 months - Now have the option of registering a waiting for I/O handler. Poll is used to

detect such situations and sysread is now used instead of read (which uses
- Implemented the ignore_suspend_certs method.
= Implemented the can method for determining what features are available.
- Sorted out some oddness in register_io_wait_handler()'s error handling.
- Updated the documentation.
10 years 10 months - Make sure that the destructor does not throw any exceptions and does not reset

any exception status that may be present when it is called.
- Make sure that the closedown() method does not allow its use of the eval
statement to reset any currentl exception status.

Bit of a nasty bug this one! Basically because the object was blessed before the
exception was raised in the constructor, Perl immediately calls the destructor,
which in turn calls code that uses eval, thereby resetting $@ and loosing the
details of the original exception.
10 years 10 months - The carper handler now has a default implementation like the croaker handler.

- Implemented the register_io_wait_handler class and object method.
10 years 11 months The Monotone subprocess is run in the default locale so parsing will still work

regardless of the locale it is running in.
10 years 11 months Reordered the export statements to come after the routine prototypes.
10 years 11 months - Added the register_db_locked_handler method and associated logic.

- Both error and database locked registration methods now support the use of
client data.
- Improved the regular expression used for finding complete quoted values in the
output from mtn automate stdio.
- Removed the redundant `o' switch from all re operations as Perl can work this
out for itself.
10 years 11 months Corrected a member function description.
11 years 8 days - Switched over to using the use warnings pragma instead of using -w or -W (it

gives far greater control.
- Improved the documentation a bit.
11 years 1 month Tidied up a few things.
11 years 1 month Clarified opening statement about the library.
11 years 2 months Improved the contructor code a bit.
11 years 2 months Added clarification WRT the closedown method.
11 years 4 months Now explicitly initialise all class attributes in the constructor as a way of

listing what is in the class.
11 years 4 months - Stripped out the use of fields, it makes it a lot cleaner and simpler. Also no

one else seems to use fields these days.
- It's a base class, no need to user SUPER:: in the constructor and destructor.
11 years 4 months - Added a new method for returning the database name (get_db_name).

- Now made the handler optional within register_error_handler and it can now be
correctly called as Monotone::Automate::register_error_handler() as well as
- The error handler now calls croak() instead of die() should a caller's handler
- Updated the POD documentation to reflect the above changes.
- Updated the test harness, mtn-tester.
11 years 6 months - The get_revisions method now always returns at least one old revision entry,

even if it happens to be blank.
- Corrected some typos in the documentation.
11 years 7 months - Added error handler capabilities to improve the error handling with the

- Tightened up the error checking when it comes to reaping dead child processes.
11 years 8 months Used the wrong buffer when starting to search for the closing quote in




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