monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
10 years 3 months Clean up rules a bit using new dh_auto_* commands
Commit 1276cf13fe434ed08df6766a4e0b22c9ddfc48dd, by
10 years 3 months Changes for squeeze only:

- debhelper compat level 7; change build dep on debhelper accordingly
- dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k
- section for all-but-monotone-doc is now 'vcs'
- drop unnecessary versioning of libpcre3-dev build dep
- fix reactivation of hyphenation in mtn.1
Commit b515a0ab88ac9466f05007bb82559b36c593f14a, by
10 years 3 months This is the version to branch from if you are doing a backport. The next

revision will have squeeze-specific changes.

* remove unnecessary build dependency on texlive-base
* adjust debian/copyright for removal of bundled libs
* don't need debian/shlibs.local anymore
Commit 0f20f7ec6f8888f97217cc1d8891e2878eaa742a, by
10 years 3 months * NEWS: remove the last stanza, it was out of order and redundant with those

for 0.31-90.2 and 0.40-1.
Commit fb345d7168492a7669afe944bdfef9ec040e39c1, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months * monotone.README.Debian, monotone.TODO.Debian: remove; we now link

dynamically to libsqlite3 and other libraries.
Commit c794114969e1941269bb65049e914ea12cb4ebcd, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months changelog: reinstate the 0.40-7 stanza, in order not to create branches

in the upload graph.
Commit 672d534473108f6ae29a4153fd11fe316a577d02, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months Fix two bad linebreaks in mtn.1 (Debian bug #520808)
Commit aad44858a264acc7edae62ef8e847bc0381f85bf, by
10 years 3 months * new changelog stanza for candidate 0.43-1 (collapse in never-uploaded 0.42-2)

* control: add build-deps on various libraries
Commit 3521b2b9559b1fd469cd3add474c6894195a3f73, by
10 years 3 months Initial import of monotone Debian packaging.

Contents are identical to the debian/ directory as of the last revision
on nvm.debian-diff (rev 617ab7fa2a61c9d1554866e02f79be611eabb13b)
except that the vestigial file patches/00list has been dropped.
Commit 428e50e69d64073fdeadbc3b827f78231329d60d, by



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