monotone Mtn Change Log

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10 years 3 days Version 0.44-2. Mainly for rebuild against properly fixed botan packages

(only two months later!); fixing a minor bug en passant.
Commit b0498387aa9570fb7bd97845de14f63a88d8658a, by
10 years 1 month * New upstream release.

* Rebuilt against libbotan 1.8.2 (closes: #527314).
* Revert to unversioned boost build-dependencies now that we have
Commit e872bc8327a17d536a4eb90215138d0b553b0312, by
10 years 3 months 0.43-3: allow building with boost 1.38, use glibc backtrace() instead of

gdb in the stacktrace-on-crash hack.
Commit a8e035e6860231417732d0a78aea2051e8fc44e8, by
10 years 3 months Add a hack to the fatal signal handlers to invoke gdb and get a full stack

trace on crash. This won't fix anything, but by activating this mode
in the testsuite, we can get more detail on the alpha and sparc FTBFSes.
Commit 9252c6a2acadf35c098d437bf84fbcbe515dbf69, by
10 years 3 months beginning prep of 0.43-2: fix for the mips and powerpc failures
Commit a47c58f580e7dd246231c1b40d4044739c4c1b86, by
10 years 3 months Clean up rules a bit using new dh_auto_* commands
Commit 1276cf13fe434ed08df6766a4e0b22c9ddfc48dd, by
10 years 3 months Changes for squeeze only:

- debhelper compat level 7; change build dep on debhelper accordingly
- dh_prep instead of dh_clean -k
- section for all-but-monotone-doc is now 'vcs'
- drop unnecessary versioning of libpcre3-dev build dep
- fix reactivation of hyphenation in mtn.1
Commit b515a0ab88ac9466f05007bb82559b36c593f14a, by
10 years 3 months This is the version to branch from if you are doing a backport. The next

revision will have squeeze-specific changes.

* remove unnecessary build dependency on texlive-base
* adjust debian/copyright for removal of bundled libs
* don't need debian/shlibs.local anymore
Commit 0f20f7ec6f8888f97217cc1d8891e2878eaa742a, by
10 years 3 months * NEWS: remove the last stanza, it was out of order and redundant with those

for 0.31-90.2 and 0.40-1.
Commit fb345d7168492a7669afe944bdfef9ec040e39c1, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months * monotone.README.Debian, monotone.TODO.Debian: remove; we now link

dynamically to libsqlite3 and other libraries.
Commit c794114969e1941269bb65049e914ea12cb4ebcd, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months changelog: reinstate the 0.40-7 stanza, in order not to create branches

in the upload graph.
Commit 672d534473108f6ae29a4153fd11fe316a577d02, by Ludovic Brenta
10 years 3 months Fix two bad linebreaks in mtn.1 (Debian bug #520808)
Commit aad44858a264acc7edae62ef8e847bc0381f85bf, by
10 years 3 months * new changelog stanza for candidate 0.43-1 (collapse in never-uploaded 0.42-2)

* control: add build-deps on various libraries
Commit 3521b2b9559b1fd469cd3add474c6894195a3f73, by
10 years 3 months Initial import of monotone Debian packaging.

Contents are identical to the debian/ directory as of the last revision
on nvm.debian-diff (rev 617ab7fa2a61c9d1554866e02f79be611eabb13b)
except that the vestigial file patches/00list has been dropped.
Commit 428e50e69d64073fdeadbc3b827f78231329d60d, by



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