monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
9 years 26 days * Prepare for upload.
Commit cd8fcba4cc1636ba0b913fb86627117320111164, by Ludovic Brenta
9 years 26 days Delete server log files on purge.
Commit bd26a78bb7243353b9b3ebd73e24b15b7d640bae, by
9 years 26 days Install new PNGs in html/images folder required by the HTML docs.
Commit 1bd7988cebaf61243c299097a486a81b66d39fff, by
9 years 27 days - New upstream release.

- Remove backported fixes.
Commit 3fbb46fb17d5bae40fb4e4b5d4b71806de896789, by
9 years 1 month - Attempt to make monotone-server delete auto-generated key correctly on purge.

- Make monotone-server purge script more robust in the event of missing files/
Commit 60ad112b749eb7ca1911855720dbc2adfee88968, by
9 years 1 month * Prepare for upload.
Commit f5fa4837d8931197708e8770830bcd1f708a5b90, by Ludovic Brenta
9 years 1 month Backport upstream fix for slow ancestry checking that made monotone

unusable in certain cases.
Commit 2ee4c3b152ba3bacfeec097d6f9dd08d7cef23ec, by
9 years 1 month Backport upstream fix for fatal error during sync.
Commit d97532b8a7f1f96d5e3a872dcd4f955e7e0e29bc, by
9 years 4 months A few things were forgotten in the release of 0.47-1:

Update the copyright file.
Add --timestamp to the mtn server startup.

As this is yet unrelease, I'm marking the changelog as such, to be updated later
Commit 1f377dcb245a94e998ed33a496cca4dd0683bae9, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months Avoid compressing colorize, it compresses to something weird on Debian [unstable] for the moment
Commit 5b342039674da65878f53ed3ae7b67bea1234507, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months Newer standards version
Commit e4986164493c9c666cb2e0099e15f2080c19705a, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months Oops, not a native package
Commit 4583e564466e241a2052daf9c2fe17a6e0b8d6f2, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months 'mtn clone' document patch no longer needed.
Commit 868aba9dd6e7fdc39bc548e2f0454276c80a1e40, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months Start preparing for release of 0.47-1
Commit dc614bb268b239bf384eb7a8171bad7b6c6635d5, by Richard Levitte
9 years 4 months We never release 0.46, these are the obvious changes
Commit d5fc4490e63a873d03a16da515cd9babe823f06f, by Richard Levitte
9 years 8 months * Fix FTBFS by moving texinfo from Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends.
Commit c72bb920017dee46917a5d882f888fb88d260d27, by Ludovic Brenta
9 years 8 months Bump date stamps in changelog for final release of 0.45-1
Commit 8395b3f4673b73df472b2cb91e8230495111d451, by
9 years 8 months Hey, a fix for #537719 after all
Commit c34eeff7b53148b956112add5b5dba9657a3609e, by
9 years 8 months Finalize fix for runlevels bug; allow use of poppler-utils in build
Commit 8133506942344632c4a23947bdf58d36cedca119, by
9 years 8 months Correct bug number of 'mtn clone' doc fix in changelog
Commit 5f4a10c34ba009cf929dcad3e23d24cc9fddebab, by
9 years 8 months Backport upstream fix for 'mtn clone' documentation (closes: #555262)
Commit 6499accb41558301233f1b7f33e19e36ffe2c023, by
9 years 8 months Italian debconf translation and a few other small tweaks toward 0.45-1
Commit 9bc80873d04c180c2d8fa313533daa061e1702f2, by
9 years 10 months More prep for next Debian release (now 0.45-1). Addresses Debian

bugs 444153 and 541758, and partially addresses 542287.
Commit 7c57462e18913d15e492d7340dbcf35a3b874bc1, by
9 years 10 months Translation updates and README.source.
Commit 428dddad6fb7d60515d6439edbae1c0a22715914, by
10 years 3 days Version 0.44-2. Mainly for rebuild against properly fixed botan packages

(only two months later!); fixing a minor bug en passant.
Commit b0498387aa9570fb7bd97845de14f63a88d8658a, by



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