monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
3 years 10 months Make the build reproducible, bundle 1.1-5.

Patch build system to allow the build date to be set externally,
and set it to the latest debian/changelog entry for reproducibility.
3 years 10 months Commit 1.1-4.1 as uploaded.
3 years 10 months Add patch 12-fix-std-cerr.diff, fixing #796734.
5 years 25 days Finalize 1.1-4:

* Allow compilation against lua version 5.2, if available.
* Add build dependency on cm-super-minimal to have the necessary fonts
available to generate the documentation PDF.
5 years 1 month Reintroduce the overrid_dh_installdocs rule that I thought was

unneeded. Add a comment about why we need it. Finalize 1.1-3.
5 years 2 months Add patch 00-copyright-clarification.diff to clarify license.
5 years 2 months Re-enable DISABLE_NETWORK_TESTS, finalize 1.1-2.
5 years 2 months Finalize 1.1-1 for upload to unstable.

* rules: Give the network tests a try on buildd, I see chances for
those to success, now. Move the documentation from monotone to
monotone-doc in /usr/share/doc, so as to break the dependency
between the two.
* monotone-doc.doc-base: adapt to adjusted directories
* changelog: Mark for upload to unstable, downgrade ugrency to low.
5 years 2 months Add forgotten files. These made it to the debian archive, but were not

under version control, it seems. Sorry.

* source/options, patches/11-no-gettext-on-lua.diff: add
5 years 2 months Adapt to release 1.1, drop lots of patches.
5 years 4 months * control: Add texlive-fonts-recommended to Build-Depends-Indep to

fix FTBFS.
* changelog: add 1.0-12
5 years 11 months * Meh.. bump to 1.0-11

* Really invoke autoreconf prior to configure, now.
5 years 11 months * Bump version to 1.0-10

* Add patches/11-no-gettext-on-lua.diff, remove a lua file from gettext
* Add a full description and 'status' capabilities to the monotone-server
init script.
* Honor nocheck in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.
* Invoke autoreconf prior to configure. Allows us to patch
directly and helps with the out-of-date config.guess file.
* Add source/options extend-diff-ignore.
6 years 4 days * patches/09-ignore-aggressive-gnu-patch.diff: added to allow a test to pass

in the face of a newer GNU patch version.
* debian/series: adjusted, reordered to match numbering
* debian/changelog: adjusted, minor tweaking.
6 years 4 days changelog: add 1.0-9

patches/08-texinfo-fix.diff: add fixes for texinfo
patches/series: enable above patch
6 years 1 month changelog: add 1.0-8

control: add myself as Uploader
patches/07-support-boost-1.53.diff: add description and other tags
patches/series: enable above patch
6 years 1 month Drop the ATTIC, the files match, so we don't need them,

6 years 1 month merge of '99a1a408f8f617c61f6f0c209edccd5bac733dd9'

and 'fe6c6bf926bbe5e6518d5d66a7d6f3b0dfa24ad8'
6 years 1 month Move a couple files to an ATTIC, so we can merge...
6 years 4 months Turns out we don't need the build-dep on patch, either. Dropped.
6 years 4 months Add work-around to skip a test in case we are behind a broken DNS

gateway. Closes: #671080.
6 years 4 months Update Standards-Version, drop build dependency on quilt.
6 years 4 months Fix compilation on hurd, back-porting an upstream fix in

patches/05-hurd-compilation-fix.diff. Closes: #624779.
6 years 4 months Add Brazilian Portuguese translation by Adriano Rafael Gomes.
7 years 2 months Revert the docs change.



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