monotone Mtn Change Log

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15 years 19 days remove depot.cgi from spec
Commit 9df02637d584d68935b5bfde623f550c52bec51e, by
15 years 19 days distcheck fixes

merge of 68a22673a46acf5a5ae9ab2911d22cfc9e1bf116
and 96bf788fb523cad387eff3097d3c6fd269b3af24
Commit e5274ba4171d87cfc68207de324391a042acf033, by
15 years 19 days missing changelog entry, oops.
Commit a43b9f2bec32d4a63f073e414f067862d676f04c, by
15 years 19 days 2004-05-02 graydon hoare <>

* monotone.texi: Add stuff on selectors, new hooks.
* AUTHORS: Typo fix.
* Bump version number.

2004-04-14 Tom Tromey <>

* (import_cvs_repo): Use require_password.
Include keys.hh.
* keys.hh (require_password): Declare.
* (require_password): New function.
Commit 02ef37090f20abd12a6aba5cd0244ca78a05ab11, by
15 years 22 days merge of 8634fe9a288f4d428fb981895f04a6467d698867

and d20cddeb00d438d9df7d5393b33cc5d2a60a5747
Commit 753ebbe4e2309169e88853e8beafb1034ff70a0f, by
15 years 22 days 2004-04-29 graydon hoare <>

* Fix up windows probe and bundling checks.
* netxx/resolve_getaddrinfo.cxx: Local hack for stream addresses.
* Report address before listening.
Commit f50199b0b0c97d8e84c86f34aa17afae72c40818, by
15 years 22 days propagate of 0bdd9e81ba0c190624046c50993c1a860493a634 and f20e62be4e6e241f292e2f217f5ea608617529d7 from branch 'net.venge.monotone.win32' to 'net.venge.monotone'
Commit abae4a7421d065064f28d282ff0be9b852e52e4b, by
15 years 22 days 2004-04-29 graydon hoare <>

* (get_branch_heads): Calculate a "disapproved version"
attribute which culls a version with only disapproved ancestry
* monotone.texi: Fix some ascii-art diagrams.
Commit 66be654b5f263eec349b85989baf99e638ae9eb0, by
15 years 23 days merge of 008b263d94d0d30394eb19417e7d71092b3ae4db

and 1065b4e6a29ad56c33c9b81367acf5a0633f7e94
Commit 7f25285d4b9c464c54adf83956db5e665df9e0ca, by
15 years 24 days (heads):

show date and author certificates for each head
Commit a7ca65501aaef8600cf1d59c2d45259fe1f712df, by
15 years 24 days back out Joel Rosdahl's fixes to suppress disapproved heads.

He now feels they are the wrong way to do it.
Commit 626f0cef827cc933e17010cd45a117ab439d7aaa, by
15 years 24 days Sigh. Now correct use of AC_ARG_WITH.
Commit 44e850ee7e5216fd0872f2c8f5b1b80e923f17a8, by
15 years 24 days default to using the bundled SQLite
Commit 05bd79ab9c2ad47c76aab4f5b857ba1632571171, by
15 years 24 days * (log):

support optional file argument to show change log for
e.g. monotone log [ID]
Commit b6b180bb714f379d41a2b0e2df61849fa856567f, by
15 years 26 days Merge Joel Rosdahl's fixes to suppress disapproved heads

(and merging ChangeLog at that time):

# Old manifest: 6dcb42a98c752666c8728ab4d36456b6db9f7a46
# New manifest: aa716ba0e805243b5f9d647bc7be158bdf7aca65
# Summary of changes:
# patch ChangeLog
# from be72a70ce5144fd38dab243ebefebf8a82e501ac
# to 5f2c6dd6d78dadbe3781b025dfda7dcd1c3571a1
# patch
# from 99b93d2161109a8ca5948515966004a5996d08cc
# to e872b7ebc985fb8f5c8d1e5ecff0ac41f477414c

Version: aa716ba0e805243b5f9d647bc7be158bdf7aca65
Date: 2004-04-25T16:03:55

* (get_branch_heads): Remove disapproved head candidates
Commit 92c512f1569bffb4b40ace93a90cb861d3d62201, by
15 years 26 days (process branch):

insert dummy cvs_edge to mark newly added file
as previously non existant
Commit b20173e53410e626e60ad43f7f0304a288bed260, by
15 years 28 days more debugging output
Commit cfc9537570fd4ef731f54af42952df7d225a2205, by
15 years 28 days * (build_parent_state, build_child_state):

remove dying files from manifest
* (cvs_file_edge, note_file_edge):
calculate state and remember it (alive or dead)
Commit dbc0ee1515caceab1b7e007a9299684707d6be64, by
15 years 29 days make it compile (missing closing bracket)
Commit 99d9260e2d8f5012b76ce22ff64c3dba9b21571d, by
15 years 29 days log that a file is not added
Commit cb04cb13b1172155995b6ac9e138d3b830286868, by
15 years 29 days actually make it compile (. -> ->)
Commit 859024724329d7b84236a57d3c60003ae21a8534, by
15 years 29 days (import_rcs_file_with_cvs):

do not include dead files in head_manifest
Commit 742dceb8420bc8db676c269957be196d69fd36c3, by
15 years 29 days insert ChangeLog for the two changes
Commit 88608579966432f9e98945a1498c9a16e35e1bd0, by
15 years 1 month, rcs_file.hh

read and remember 'state' of revision
remove Attic/ part from path
Commit f1f4bca4c384c0a1a3e3db32e51856493b315145, by
15 years 1 month support system wide SQLite library
Commit 19438b7adb8d2146fe1f02174f7f17afd80f7ca7, by



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