monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
13 years 6 months add a test for rosterifying a lone revision
Commit e9ee696198eaf2d39b5ed0f7952866c0edf07cd2, by
13 years 6 months merge of 7b5be5f182becdc8e61cfc32a4013e983793905b

and 8e7b1a15292943b7798bd05be87c25fc35cda356
Commit 685949dd282e4423a7b8914192e57ac389c61c72, by Timothy Brownawell
13 years 6 months try to fix rosterify invariant
Commit fd482fdebeea0358396c9958950f95d39eca0fcd, by Timothy Brownawell
13 years 6 months 2006-01-09 Richard Levitte <>

* contrib/, monotone.1,, po/fr.po, po/ja.po,
po/pt_BR.po, Change the default port from 5253 to
4691 (assigned to us by IANA).
13 years 6 months NEWS, UPGRADE: Note additional changes to netsync, including resume

feature and port number change; highlight some of the
incompatibilities a little more clearly. Other minor
wording and punctuation tweaks.

Adjust the default port number in the .texi doc too.
Commit 02e0d23753097fe44646d286977bd10f02145b63, by
13 years 6 months add --drop-attr option to rosterify
Commit 56a8e379a3c1dc914ba70928a355cd10f99f1ba7, by
13 years 6 months merge of 1441a7029a4df350bc13b21ed10359a4680a8d95

and 239dbf1fd079472fb8c10704e7b6e415b1cec11d
Commit dd82d48584d0123328152bda78bcbb9939cc4f3e, by
13 years 6 months merge of 30966e480e3c9cbbca27813986eb9cfaab524c30

and 69d8af4c13d3e15108d976d2c1f0a4bb36ff5492
13 years 6 months bump version numbers
Commit 8185f7939d3ae45d14903a9bfc64872f15be9531, by
13 years 6 months merge of 083f9f53ff1e133c5d3ce675502b131f10af9d12

and 8691ca9bba78e508709b2c08da53dbcdcc9eeb76
Commit faf94fd34c27e8caced944f130cc731401451687, by
13 years 6 months put format_version into it's own stanza
13 years 6 months remove change_set.{cc,hh} from
Commit 3d562e15d9cb71611b2a85269a43c9d9b5dc3b18, by
13 years 6 months try to fixup set_restriction after merge
Commit 6ebee6c047f88ecc613314ee11a8dc1cdb05a121, by
13 years 6 months remove manifest.{cc,hh} from
Commit 83d9ca466fb801214d94ca535bbb22a96a61a1af, by
13 years 6 months propagate from branch 'net.venge.monotone' (head 3e68d72062b82697eb6484d093acceb2f5eb7406)

to branch 'net.venge.monotone.experiment.rosters' (head 1fc98912e5ac087fd768bf6b0f8d51157a8b2510)
Commit 167b28f76c477145a6813e853e3960fe38c9122e, by



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