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13 years 5 months 2006-02-12 Nathaniel Smith <>

* (serve_connections): Revert garbage that I
accidentally checked in last time...
Commit 9ca37b918cb5309d8d3b0be000dc8a1151df262f, by
13 years 5 months 2006-02-12 Nathaniel Smith <>

* NEWS: Add things done since last time I did this...
Commit 64fd1c6eb06f48d574ff7433178ba2b9b9138198, by
13 years 5 months merge of 96eb8df4b86d83771ff6e1d10d2d2c0379833c01

and 75feb7e56d894c2cc36398f7029ddb9c60d14944
Commit 0e98de4c3592d1e212dcdadd0546cf5771bf443c, by
13 years 5 months merge of 55f642c2b7547b2c16648d2c26532e5510362062

and 6c370f1cff8bf324dd4dc082744a7750ba63de45
Commit 96eb8df4b86d83771ff6e1d10d2d2c0379833c01, by
13 years 5 months 2006-02-11 Timothy Brownawell <>

Adding your db is silly and confusing (what should revert do?).
So, it's not allowed any more (the db file is ignored, regardless of
what the ignore hook says).
* tests/ remove XFAIL, use 'ls known' instead of
'ls unknown'
* don't put the db in the ignore hook
* database.{cc,hh}: is_dbfile(), check if a path is the database file
* check is_dbfile where we check the ignore hook when
walking the filesystem
* tests/ fix for having the db always be ignored
Commit 6c370f1cff8bf324dd4dc082744a7750ba63de45, by Timothy Brownawell
13 years 5 months - fix the base64 data in test 258
Commit 18efa0d655a975446d2904488ffadd673f00018b, by
13 years 5 months merge of d633a1405c78eb605b0867ea59d571fcb5820f6a

and 6e87084a87413eed2c31100054ff8d5045f0be4d
13 years 5 months merge of 0b2ae1f7730e718a0bb6d8ff68f26eb356f4236e

and 69a8f8fe3985f4f00b885c948c843a6cb56d3500
13 years 5 months 2006-02-09 Nathaniel Smith <>

* (SQLITE_SOURCES): Remove header files lost in
latest SQLite upstream import.
Commit 69a8f8fe3985f4f00b885c948c843a6cb56d3500, by
13 years 5 months 2006-02-09 Graydon Hoare <>

* (hook_validate_commit_message): make validated the
Commit f096a597553de2076bb493f5bbf7ccf0047304bb, by
13 years 5 months merge of c0f7dc036749323c8299df03416bfadae1b606e3

and f4012263f1693501309caa5e50cdad25eaeaaf87
Commit 456de3795fcf0f9b2be4b5a041b96a9932600fef, by
13 years 5 months merge of 720ac566d4c88a2efae36563ccb58b2ffdb0cc77

and d99d54dc9e0cd07e8992c6627b7ccd99ac59579f
13 years 5 months 2006-02-09 Richard Levitte <>

* tests/, tests/,
tests/, tests/,
tests/ Changed to cope with the strictness of
CVSNT. It doesn't create a CSVROOT/history file automagically,
but CVSROOT/modules is created automatically both by the older CVS
and by CVSNT. You can't check out a group of files using revision
numbers with CVSNT. You MUST stand in the work directory for some
command with CVSNT. Finally, with CVSNT, 'cvs init' generates the
following message if you're a normal user, at least on Debian:

cvs init: Unable to register repository.
cvs init: Your login may not have sufficient permissions to modify the
cvs init: global server settings.
cvs init: Repository /home/levitte/cvsfoo initialised
13 years 5 months 2006-02-08 Richard Levitte <>

*, tests/ News test, for "list

* monotone.texi, monotone.1: Document "list changed".
13 years 5 months 2006-02-08 Richard Levitte <>

* po/sv.po: Correct translations of changed messages, translate
new messages.
13 years 5 months 2006-02-08 Richard Levitte <>

* (ls_changed, CMD(list)): Add a new command, "list
changed", to list changed files, always sorted in lexical order.
13 years 5 months * (tick_write_count::write_ticks): Reverted lexical_cast,

back to F().
Commit 33b5733f1a767aedc4b408d36e6cffb9e4860611, by
13 years 5 months * (tick_write_count::write_ticks): Fixed utf8 handling.

boost::format + locale sucks, it ouputs "1\u+ffff24" for
"%d" % 1024.
Commit f28f306ccd3ff2c57df9d0005876a00370af2739, by
13 years 5 months 2006-02-02 Emile Snyder <>

* (resolve_merge_conflicts): If the merge has non-content
conflicts warn the user and abort before making them do content
merges. Move logging/warning of conflicts to methods in the
roster_merge_result struct.

* roster_merge.{cc,hh} (log_conflicts,
warn_non_content_conflicts): New methods to do the busy work of
logging or warning.
Commit 2ce49d63199b5375fbd78522dc3a32caaf099880, by
13 years 5 months 2006-02-02 Emile Snyder <>

* (run_netsync_protocol): Print a warning if either the
include or the exclude branch pattern have a ' or a " character
anywhere in them. Hopefully will help users running in a Windows
shell when they do: monotone sync myserver 'mybranch*' and nothing
happens because the ' characters are passed in to monotone.
Commit 7baa379c35a569ba8e02c163282583294fc3ab55, by
13 years 5 months 2005-01-30 Emile Snyder <> (do_annotate) Add ticker for revisions processed to
annotate command.
Commit b5ccb7aef03d1d54935ac57c76dc4056a0283a27, by
13 years 5 months 2006-01-29 Richard Levitte <>

* po/sv.po: Update a few translations, leave a number of fuzzy
ones until we've decided how "workspace" should be translated.
13 years 5 months 2006-01-27 Matthew Gregan <>

* *: Use the term 'workspace' consistently throughout monotone for
the concept we previously described interchangably using the two
terms 'working copy' and 'working directory'. This change has
been made everywhere except in historical documentation (NEWS and
Commit 658235874619f05d77cad52addeee2b33688b487, by
13 years 5 months 2006-01-27 Richard Levitte <>

* monotone.texi (Generating Keys): Correct small type, the keys
are not stored in /home/jim/.monotone/monotonerc.
13 years 5 months merge of 280895f030e000ef85a7ffd4f87d8c7c5926e42f

and fee396959539c84349622948986fd16ffaa35191



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