monotone Mtn Change Log

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13 years 29 days 2006-06-17 Nathaniel Smith <>

*, debian/changelog, monotone.spec:
* win32/monotone.iss, NEWS, UPGRADE: Bump version numbers to
Commit 341e4a18c594cec49896fa97bd4e74de7bee5827, by
13 years 1 month 2006-06-17 Timothy Brownawell <>

(see bug #15995, asking for a more comprehensive automate command set)
Start splitting up . There is now an AUTOMATE() macro in
cmd.hh , similar to the CMD() macro. Individual automate commands can
share a file with similar command-line commands, and many commands can
be factored into an implementation with CMD() and AUTOMATE() wrappers
to format input/output.
* cmd.hh: Add stuff needed to define a new automate command.
* This gets automate infrastructure similar to
what is for command-line commands. And automate stdio.
* "keys" and "certs" automate commands go here
* automate.hh: No longer needed.
* use AUTOMATE() macro for the automate commands that
haven't got a new home yet.
Commit 2834e9d70305b45fe189e160414aa4a85face297, by Timothy Brownawell
13 years 1 month merge of 1cc8e2cb464dcb8249bf6e699855a139ed9a7edc

and 9efedfca337927f0f614131cbcbd2a0a23c0ca5e
13 years 1 month 2006-06-16 Richard Levitte <>

* examples/display_branches.lua: Enhanced to display how many
times each branch cert appeared.
13 years 1 month merge of 4c0a91d8d4dff25ccf52de071fd5af2f10465ab2

and baecfc8a0d1ad81c8c65bdc8f6ebf6d631baa5c0
Commit ad6d4a7e114ce4315eed55b0fd2d7845919b075e, by
13 years 1 month 2006-06-12 Derek Scherger <>

* (get_roster): allow no arguments and default to
value in _MTN/revision
* std_hooks.lua: switch temporary file names from mt.XXX to
mtn.XXX; update attr function docs; add java class files to
standard ignore hook
Commit baecfc8a0d1ad81c8c65bdc8f6ebf6d631baa5c0, by
13 years 1 month 2006-06-08 Matt Johnston <>

* convert to basic_io format.
Silently skips reading old format files, then writes
out the new format as per usual. Old mtn versions
have no format checking so will read the (nonsensical)
new format file without errors.
Commit 08fa3e7012e6b7abba33d1ca04f193cf5d975599, by Matt Johnston
13 years 1 month merge of 4e0dec359e4cc6dc0df04146d1d7091423b67095

and dc82edd7a4854407723f2ded8d1f2473e6c01530
13 years 1 month merge of a63dc1c52bfa2c19036c4d062c767827fca8ae83

and d331f68f4204ec96a969bf40815c4216c769ce1b
13 years 1 month * po/it.po: Translated a few more strings to Italian (81 to go).
Commit d331f68f4204ec96a969bf40815c4216c769ce1b, by
13 years 1 month 2006-06-03 Graydon Hoare <>

* *.{cc,hh}: Update editor mode lines.
Commit 021dd98d4edb24c76a8a37a356c32d3ce72b459a, by
13 years 1 month merge of 2a5215e84c56a71fbf39ed58e5234253ebe637db

and c9260c6c8cb477f432b538d517b03228adfe2152
Commit c2b24770eb4ef95d657cb2bdcf9d1edab8e3f0b8, by
13 years 1 month Forgot to save the ChangeLog...
13 years 1 month 2006-06-04 Richard Levitte <>

* po/sv.po: Lots of fuzzies to fix.
13 years 1 month 2006-06-03 Graydon Hoare <>

* std_hooks.lua (merge3_xxdiff_cmd): Fix typo.
* (dump_diffs): Undo overzealous removal of '\n'.
Commit 711cba25ae20db95fd78b51fe9bf8f49deba7126, by
13 years 1 month merge of 182f8fbe9071f1f7bedd4c565ace969531334b50

and ac107b3c946859eb52154ed829326196b3758f0e
Commit 64f95db646a068f2f892ee4ad172f21c9996e9a2, by



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