monotone Mtn Change Log

Age Message
12 years 4 months * NEWS, debian/changelog, monotone.spec: Adjust dates to a truer release time
12 years 4 months * Because autoconf's own status.m4 uses tmp and needs it

to remain unchanged, let's call ours mtn_tmp.
12 years 4 months applied changes from ac440322b7a9d4e5b72ddb6a7826e4a11fb06f75

through 9470cc2409a0a9dc422ac3dab72b8759c27b16db
12 years 4 months applied changes from aded0fbffc3ea081588e26085c2d3d0e23e60498

through ac440322b7a9d4e5b72ddb6a7826e4a11fb06f75
12 years 4 months applied changes from a617801fcf9e8b2aafacfb0033d7b28295e264e9

through aded0fbffc3ea081588e26085c2d3d0e23e60498
12 years 4 months * NEWS: Grammatical error
12 years 4 months * (LUAEXT(unset_env)): unsetenv() isn't implemented everywhere,

so this requires some rethinking.
12 years 4 months * Declare vocab_cast.hh as part of the source.
12 years 4 months Update version information
12 years 4 months * tests/two_parent_workspace_list/__driver__.lua: The list of

files left by revert_to() has changed a little bit.
12 years 4 months * tests/rename_dir_to_non-sibling/__driver__.lua: Corrected

assumptions about revert_to() not removing files and directories
12 years 4 months * tests/merging_(add_a,_rename_a_b)_with_(add_b)/__driver__.lua:

Since revert_to() also removes bar, we need to recreate it
before adding it.
12 years 4 months * testsuite.lua (revert_to): Even for head, it is best to give

get_manifest_of an explicit revision ID, in case a test has made
the workspace inconsistent.
12 years 4 months * tests/ws_ops_with_wrong_node_type/__driver__.lua: It makes no

sense allow a rename of a versioned file into an unversioned directory.
12 years 4 months * testsuite.lua (revert_to): Also remove files and directories

from the current revision, or things that aren't in the revision
to revert to will remain, and are potentially in the way for
further legitimate operations.



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